Sony Going All In On PlayStation Network Revival And Commitment To Gamers

While the Xbox 360 saw solid gains against the PlayStation 3, roles have switched in the next-gen era. Sony's PlayStation 4 has found its way into nearly 9 million homes to date, while the Xbox One has only sold around 5 million units. This describes Sony's opportunity, and according to a new report, it's betting hard on the gaming sector to fuel a turnaround. While Sony is still quite healthy in the overall scheme of things, it is not the technology giant that it once was. It has shuttered the Vaio personal computer brand and sat the TV unit in a corner by itself.

The world of tech has changed, and the gaming side of the house seems to be Sony's best bet for long-term rejuvination. According to plans, Sony is aiming to "reposition the video console warhorse as a hub for a network of streamed services," rivaling iTunes and Netflix in the world of streaming movies/music/social. It's hoping to extract more dollars from its base of 52 million network users, making it the most profitable sector in the entire company.

Starting with gaming and seeing what works makes sense. Sony has been spread out across various divisions for years, and it hasn't worked out well for it recently. By focusing on an area that it knows well, and that is already seeing success, seems like a wise move to conserve money and target resources at what's being demanded.
Via:  Reuters
shadowphaxe 4 months ago

Wait. I'm not sure I'm understanding that correctly. The way they're hoping to commit to gamers is by offering streamed services to rival iTunes and Netflix. What does that have to do with games? I'm really losing hope in console's for gaming.

Mordymion 4 months ago

Yeah, it sounds an awful lot like what Microsoft tried to do with the XB1 and everybody hated. Definitely an odd choice.

JasonBolla 4 months ago

@shadowphaxe Consoles feel the need to evolve into media hubs because they don't want to be outdone by smart tvs, computers, roku, etc. And if the other system is all-in-one, that's more ideal for a family that plays games and watches... whatever. The PS2 more or less started it being a DVD player as well as game machine. It's only gotten more complex over the past decade.

Games are certainly important to Sony, but it seems they still don't know how to hit all of their potential audience. The Vita is pretty much a failure at this point, despite being a killer piece of tech. I wish they'd put out more software for it, as it's capabilities are amazing - but I don't recall it even being mentioned at E3. PS4 and the PSTV are really where they're putting their focus, it seems. And it shows - just look at all the hype surrounding the two piece of hardware. With the PS4 at almost double the sales of the Xbox One worldwide, it's hard not to see what people are more excited about. However, it's still very early in their life cycles. After all, if we say the last gen is now done, the PS3 beat the 360. Barely, but it was losing up until the very end. The Wii sold 18 million more, and the DS outsold them by 70 million, but the point is the race isn't over until everyone crosses the finish line.

shadowphaxe 4 months ago

I just found it ironic that they were committing to gamers by adding streaming services. If you ask any real gamer, they'd much prefer they focus on the games. I understand the reasoning behind making it an all in one piece of technology, but don't say that you're committing to gamers when you're not. That's my main issue with it. I'm not even really opposed to them working on the streaming services, but telling a gamer you're doing it for them is almost offensive.

RyanLaberinto 4 months ago

If they really want to commit to gamers, they need to upgrade the hardware in the ps4 that rivals a budget pc and actually have full 1080p games

nfs3freak 4 months ago

That might be more so the publishers and game companies than Sony themselves (I can't wait for my copy of The Last of Us on ps4 today, which, if I'm not mistaken, is 1080p and 60fps).

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