Silicon Micro Display Brings 1080p Viewing To Your Face

What if your next display was one that you wore on your head? It could be. Silicon Micro Display has just announced their new ST1080 glasses, an almost futuristic gizmo that allows for 1080p playback right in front of your face. It's similar in scope to the Vuzix displays that are already out there, but these offer up support for 2D and 3D viewing, and it'll even hang with augmented reality. There's video out for those times where you just need to step back from it all, and it can be recharged via USB.

But here's the question: would you put one of these on your face? As nifty as this is for big screen viewing on the subway, in meetings (shh, don't tell the boss) and in cramped studio apartments, it's still kind of Star Trek-looking. Not that there's anything wrong with Star Trek....
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Omegadraco 2 years ago

Neat. These remind me of the virtual reality games that used to be at the mall near me. You would wear glasses like this and through a complex computer algorithm they were able to produce a very basic graphics experience of walking through a 3D environment.

ATigre 2 years ago

The minute manufacturers of these type of head mounted displays start putting headphone inputs ( a 3.5mm for a TSR connector) I'll consider buying one. I think it's presumptions to think that people wouldn't want to use their own expensive headphones to watch movies.

AKanis 2 years ago there is one on uk ebay for sale auction

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