San Fran Of The Future, Fast-Forward 100 Years

Global warming got you down?  Concerned about rising gas prices and our over-dependency on fossil fuels?  Before you declare that the sky is falling and reach for your favorite tree to hug in what some call the last few days of earth's existence, remember there are some pretty smart cookies and valiant visionaries still working on some of heavy lifting that will provide solutions for ensuring mankind doesn't strip the earth down to a baron wasteland...

"IwamotoScott envisions the city as Hydro-Net, using “Geothermal Mushroom” structures to extract heat and water from deep in the earth, and whimsical “Fog Flowers” to render moisture from the air and grow algae, which would then be turned into hydrogen for fuel. Zipping through underground tunnels are hydrogen-fueled hover cars, coursing through the multi-use veins of this future city that’s learned how to live without fossil fuels. Hope it’s earthquake-proof. "

Geothermal mushrooms... sounds vaguely familiar to our college days.
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frg1 6 years ago

 looks like we got a promising future to look forward to

Cheap 6 years ago
Why not a brighter Today?
I get over 100mpg in my Plug-In Hybrid. I use Clean Domestic Wind Energy to reduce the amount of Dirty Foreign Oil I use. I spend the several hundred dollars I save each month taking my family to local restaurants and shops, helping my local economy and improving the tax base.

100 MPG cars are real! I drive one, and I make them too.

If ten percent of us drove plug-in Hybrids, gas prices could come down, Farmers and Truckers could make a living again, and we would have to pay so much for food.

I need to ask all the small business owners out there…”Would you like it if your customers has several hundred dollars more of disposable income when they walk in your door, and at the same time reduce fuel prices so you can save on getting products to your store?”
AjayD 6 years ago

[quote user="Cheap"]Why not a brighter Today?[/quote]

^Cheap, I applaud your efforts. If only everyone had the same mentality we might be gaining more ground. The future this article speaks of sounds pretty far fetched, and a long way off at best. People love to go all out when it comes to speculating about what possibilities the future may hold, but tend to do little to nothing to make that future reality. Unfortunately most people are overly focused on what they may be able to do tomorrow, rather than what they can do today. We need to stop dreaming and start doing, before the only dreams left to us are nightmares.

Dave_HH 6 years ago
Cheap, first, welcome to the forum. You build hybrid cars? Very cool. And I totally agree. I bought a 265HP full mid-sized sedan about 4 years ago and when this one is ready for trade-in (in about 6 months, max), I'm most likely getting a hybrid of some sort. It will probably be a mid-sized SUV hybrid (I need the cargo space and towing capabilities) if I can find a solid one but a hybrid none-the-less. Gas prices are going nuts now and our economy is all out of sorts here for a myriad of reasons but one of them for sure is our dependancy on oil. America has to do our part. Maybe then the Euro and Yen will stop kicking the dollar's a$$ up and down the market.
peti1212 6 years ago

looks very promissing but will it work? Check out this website that talks about carbon-deoxide not being the problem in global warming:

Cyph 6 years ago
Perhaps you are all correct about the effects of fossil fuels and emissions on the environment... the the fact of the matter is that the process to determine what we see today as "Global Warming" is completely flawed... read the link below.
frg1 6 years ago

 intersting arcticleit does make sense that weather station are trapped around buildings trapping the heat

AjayD 6 years ago

Global warming aside, two truths remain;

1.) We are poisoning both ourselves and our planet with our out of control consumption and pollution.

2.) It is foolish to rely on unsustainable/nonrenewable resources for energy, especially ones which are not obtained domestically.

Kamrooz 6 years ago

 Indeed AJ...Another factor is that the Oxygen percentage has also dropped. Regardless if Global Warming is accurate, we need to stop polluting our air and move to cleaner sources of energy.

frg1 6 years ago

 out here in the country the air is clean but ive been to big citys and it is pretty bad and what about the rainforest clearing and other areas being deforested that needs to be stopped too if we are gonna try and reverse some of the damages we have done

mazuki 6 years ago
100mpg in your hybrid? you're the type that i flip off while driving my 11mpg 79 firebird.
frg1 6 years ago

at least your firebird can get over 30mph but its gots to be costing you at the pump 

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