Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Review

Google’s Chrome OS hit the ground running well over a year ago with the introduction of the CR-48. That little black laptop shipped out to a handful of early adopters who put the very first Chrome OS builds through their paces. It was new. It was refreshing. It was different. But was it cut out for mainstream use? In Google's mind, the answer was always "yes." They then took the next year to respond to criticisms from the CR-48 launch, and at this year's Google I/O conference, out popped two more Chrome OS-based laptops, dubbed Chromebooks.

Acer's AC700 and Samsung's Series 5 were first out of the gate, eager to take on the public and give them a taste of what it's like to live in the cloud. Samsung beat Acer to the punch in terms of shipments; the first Series 5 machines started shipping in the U.S. in June of 2011, and that's the unit that we're reviewing here...

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Review

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LBowen 3 years ago

Sounds like a good work in progress. Google just needs to iron out a few things and they could have a real winner on their hands, It looks pretty sleek and with WiFi continuously expanding internet could be less of a concern down the road. Thanks for the review :)

coolice 3 years ago

Mhm... it'll be a few years before this even picks up. Feels like everyone is jumping upon the "cloud"... the kinks still need to be worked out... but we're on good track.

I think my university has been looking into this for some time... cloud based OS for their general tasks. Would be pretty cool if they can host their own customized version of ChromeOS on their own servers for students to use. Something like that, its possible.

schmich 3 years ago

I see very little that's actually better than going the cheaper Win7 road. It would be alright to be handicapped by the software if the price was lower than a Win 7 laptop but it's the complete opposite. Even as someone who likes Google I can't even recommend this to anyone. I wouldn't even give the HH Approved stamp.

DMcVey 3 years ago

Chromebooks are great, at least mine is for me. I have access to all of my files wherever I am, and have apps for photo editing, word processing, and just about anything else I used my last laptop for. Plus, it's up and running in far less time than what a Windows or OS X machine takes. Connectivity isn't an issue for me, as I have access to WiFi at home and work, can run a wireless tether of my Android phone's 4G connection, and have the free 100mb of 3G per month via Verizon when all else fails. The only thing I can't do on my Chromebook is play graphic intensive video games...which I couldn't care less about.

karmamule 3 years ago

I have one too and my experience is pretty much the same as DMcVey. I knew what I was getting into with it, but between various wifi sources, using my mobile hotspot on my Thunderbolt, and the built-in 3G for those rare times when nothing else is available it's no problem being always connected.

So far I'm very happy with it.

realneil 3 years ago

It isn't worth the premium price point.

inspector 3 years ago

I would love to buy a browser! :D lol that's basically what ur getting and for the price it dosn't seem to justify. But hey if you want it :)

atheistslant 3 years ago

It does cost a little too much, but I love it!!!! It should only get better over time! I do not get those criticizing it for being only web, mostly because I am always on the web. There are a few things to iron out, but no real problems or even annoyances yet It is fast in every way, which make it significantly better than WIN7 devices and with a win7 device I am going to turn it on and use nothing but a chrome browser, so no advantage there.

dejasoul100 2 years ago

If we all lived in a world with great net infrastructure and constant, cheap, always-on connectivity then this would be a no-brainer. Just carry your docs on USB flash drives which are getting bigger and cheaper.

However, we aren't there yet. The fact that connectivity isn't there yet will hamper this product (in fact, it has).

realneil 2 years ago

Just found them at Amazon for $350.00, but it's still too much money for so little real capability.

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