Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset Doubles As Wireless Stereo Earbud Setup

Why the sudden surge in Bluetooth headsets? Probably because America's largest cellphone trade show is going on in Las Vegas. CTIA has already delivered a snazzy new piece from BlueAnt, and Samsung Mobile is following that up with the introduction of the Modus. Also known as the HM3500, this "convertible-style" headset boasts dual microphone and noise cancelling technology that converts to a Stereo Bluetooth headset for an enhanced mobile experience.

It's still not discrete enough for our liking, but if you don't care about looks, the features here are actually pretty nice. Background noise is all but an afterthought, and it even offers multipoint technology that allows seamless connectivity between two Bluetooth-enabled audio-streaming devices, including mobile phones, computers and MP3 players. If you happen to be listening wirelessly to music when a call comes in, the headset will automatically lower the volume while alerting you to the incoming call; once you're done talking, the music will resume.

Another nifty feature is the ability to be worn as-is, or it can be converted into a Bluetooth stereo headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset. Since battery life on these is always a make-it-or-break-it point, this one has 6 hours of talk time or 200 hours on standby; plenty for all but the heaviest of users. It will charge via micro-USB, and it will probably be out soon. We say "probably" because the company has yet to make the release date and price official public knowledge.
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3vi1 4 years ago

I assume there's a (not pictured) wire that plugs into the USB connector with another ear-bud, to make this "stereo"?

Inspector 4 years ago

The blueant one does not need an attachment right? if so i rather get the blueant :P

animatortom 4 years ago

I totally agree, The blueant one is still waaaay Cooler!

I an not a fan of samsung! Like everything else they produce, it seems they still use the same cheap glossy black plastic and think it makes it look like it is worth its weight in gold. For some reason everything they make seems to be very cheaply produced, and I have always felt that that carries over to the insides as well.

We have bluetooth built into the car, and that has made life so much easier. While driving it automatically brings down the volume and switches over. So, out and about my H500 is still going strong.

Also the features on the Blueant are far superior. Being able to talk in 22MPH wind is a big selling point. The only one on this is the volume adjustment, and I can tell you I don't think I need to be listing to music from a one sided Bluetooth? Does that mean you only get half the stereo?

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