Rumor: iPhone 6 Production Begins Next Month

Typically with every iPhone release, the rumors trickle in months ahead of time, and the release of the iPhone 6 has been no different. We’ve heard that the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes, 4.7- and 5.5 inches, we know that it will have some health-related features thanks to iOS 8, and we’ve seen leaked photos or the new handsets. We also know that Apple will likely announce the iPhone 6 in August.

The latest rumor is that the handset will go into production next month instead of last month, as we heard earlier, and the iPhone 6 should be shipping to retailers in September, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

There was a time when an iPhone release meant near insanity, with droves of people camping out in order to be the first to have a handset of their very own. The iPhone is still a superb device, and it’s always sold well, but that special something Apple once had just hasn’t been there since Steve Jobs died.

Apple could use a big blockbuster hit, and surely CEO Tim Cook is hoping that the iPhone 6 will be just that.
Via:  Bloomberg
ClaudiaMirabella 5 months ago

Thank you, HotHardware! You read my mind! I was just wondering about this!!

StaticFX 5 months ago

just hurry up already... I hate the tiny screen on the 4s!! :)

TButtons 5 months ago

And the circus begins anew.

unicycle 4 months ago

I am really hoping Iphone will release a larger screen like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . If this will happen, then I think more and more people will buy Iphone. I'd just hope too that the price is just right and note so high.

StaticFX 4 months ago

its already confirmed...leaks all over show it.



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