Random Crashes and ‘White Screen of Death’ for iOS7? Apple Promises a Fix

When Apple released iOS 7, it caught some users off guard due to its flattened aesthetic and several design changes, which go well beneath the surface. Nevertheless, users have been quick to download the update, which at last count was installed on 74 percent of Apple devices. That's great as far as market penetration goes, but unfortunately for some iPhone users, there's a glitch that's been causing their handset to reboot at random intervals.

That's the bad news. The good news is that Apple is readying a patch that will address the issue.

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," an Apple spokesperson told Mashable.


Some users on Apple's forum have reported seeing a white screen of death, while others noted the display would randomly turn black. Reports of the bug date all the back to September and seem to affect any iPhone model running iOS 7. While it's been a mostly random occurrence, some iPhone owners have observed their handsets shutting off when the battery dips below 30 percent.

Have you had any issues with iOS 7? If so, leave a comment and tell us about it.
Via:  Mashable
sevags 11 months ago

Luckily I have not experienced anything like this or know anyone who has. What I have noticed is erratic reporting on battery capacity especially one I go below 30%. One moment it will report say 28% battery and the next it will give me the below 10% low battery warning and claim some rally low number even though I didn't use the phone but when I plug it in to charge it will jump up to another random number like 30% immediately.

Super Dave 11 months ago

My Android phone works beautifully, even when the battery dips below 30 percent. Just thought the Apple guys would like to know that...Big Smile

MJames 11 months ago

Instead of fixing minor design issues, why don't they fix the much more serious Bluetooth issues? Previously-synced car Bluetooth connections don't automatically resume the next time around.

The fourth edition of IOS 7.1 beta has been released for developers registered with Apple. source : http://www.smartphonestutorials.com/fourth-edition-ios-7-1-beta/

As usual it is released for the developers for testing purposes and Apps optimization.

sevags 11 months ago

Super Dave; don't really care :), your next android phone may have more problems than just battery % reporting and we all know it takes longer for google to patch and update android ;). Just thought the Android guys might want to know that.

sevags 11 months ago

MJames; my ip5 with ios7 has no problems with bluetooth or automatically re-syncing with MS Sync in my current Ford Fusion or my old Ford Edge.

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