Plextor Ships Their First SSD Line: 64GB And 128GB Versions Available

It's beginning to feel like a new solid state drive is being introduced each week now, and recently, every day. Plextor is best known for their optical storage products, primarily optical drives and optical media. But with the SSD market exploding, the company has decided to shuffle their priorities somewhat and join the fun.

Plextor's very first line of SSDs are now available in 64GB and 128GB sizes, with the PX-64M1S (64GB) and the PX-128M1S (128GB) using NAND memory and Marvell controller chipsets. Both drives use the 2.5" form factor, which means that both are suitable for replacing your aging notebook hard drive. The PX-64M1S delivers up to 110MB/s sequential read, 65MB/s in sequential write, and up to 4,200 random read IOPS and 1,200 random write IOPS. The PX-128M1S delivers up to 130MB/s sequential read, 70MB/s sequential write, and up to 4,300 random read IOPS and 1,800random write IOPS.

The 64GB version is on sale for $225, while the 128GB version will sell for $400.

Plextor's First Line of Solid-StateDrives (SSDs) Now Available

New SSDs now available in 64GB and128GB

(Fremont, CA - March 1,2010) - Plextor LLC (,a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announces the availability of its first line of solid-state drives(SSDs) - the PX-64M1S (64GB) and the PX-128M1S (128GB).

Plextor's first generationof SSDs use non-volatile NAND Flash memory as the storage medium. UtilizingMarvell controller chipsets, the new SSDs deliver faster speeds for systemboot-up, application launch and file transfer, lower power consumption and longer battery life, among other benefits.

"We're excited to leverage Plextor's expertise in optical storage and enter the SSDmarket as it continues to grow," said Esteban Kim, Director of New Business Development at PLDS. "PCMark, SYSmark and HD Benchmark industry utility testsscored Plextor SSDs high and we're proud to have the new lineup available to our customers."

Both the PX-64M1S and the PX-128M1S feature2.5" small form factor and an integrated SATA II interface for better performance and versatility. Each is also bundled with Acronis True Image software to provide users with a full set of advanced features for backup and recovery needs.

The PX-64M1S delivers up to 110MB/s sequential read, 65MB/s in sequential write, and up to 4,200 random read IOPS and 1,200 random write IOPS. The PX-128M1S delivers up to 130MB/s sequential read, 70MB/s sequential write, and up to 4,300 random read IOPS and 1,800 random write IOPS. Both drives offer low power consumption, as well as highshock and vibration resistance. They also come equipped with Plextor's uniqueWear Leveling algorithm to maintain reliability over an extended period ofusage and S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to analyze and report errors. 

Plextor SSDs are availablenow, with MSRP around $225 for 64GB and $400 for 128GB.  For moreinformation on Plextor SSD and other products, please visit


PlextorLLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital mediaequipment for professionals, consumers and enterprises. In 1990, Plextorestablished a U.S. operation in Silicon Valley with dedicated sales force forserving North and South America. Since then, the Plextor brand has beencontinually recognized as high-quality product, receiving numerous awards forits optical drives.  Plextor will continue to deliver generations ofaward-winning products, including CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, & Blu-ray optical diskdrives, digital video converters and multimedia products.  The Plextorbrand of optical disc drives and multimedia products are owned by ShinanoKenshi in Japan.


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Zestia 4 years ago

It will be interesting to see how many new SSDs are launched to market by companies that have not traditionally competed in the storage sector. I think it's great that Plextor is wetting its feet here, especially if their SSDs benefit from the same quality protocols that their optical drives are subject to. So welcome Plextor and hopefully many others too.

rapid1 4 years ago

I agree Zestia on the Plextor coming to market, and on all the points you make about it. I also like to see more players in the market. The more competition the faster it becomes more of a norm, and the faster the prices go down as well.

inspector 4 years ago

Yep SSDs are coming around pretty fast now, by the end of the year all computers should have SSD's and HDDs are a pass :D

rapid1 4 years ago

I don't know Inspector right now I don't see mechanical HDD's going anywhere. The thing is at the greatest size I have seen (200GB) especially at almost 1000 dollars, mechanical HD's are still here for a good while. Where I can see these at boot drives, and even as application drives, I do not see them as realistic solo drives or anywhere near it yet. I can see a minimal point in corporate, and that being for time sensitive data. But they are not secure enough to use for backup, and are also to small. You can grab a 2Tb drive for under 200 bucks, to get to a 2 Tb cap on these would cost roughly 8 grand. a ten times price premium and or 400% markup is not buying any general customers for sure.

rapid1 4 years ago

I am however sure this will all change as all new components do over a little time, and these are improving monthly price Vs. cap, and the cap keeps rising as well. As technology generally seems to move faster by the month if not the quarter now. The wait for these as more than a special drive won't be long to the regular market I don't think.

realneil 4 years ago

Whatever it takes to bring the prices of SSD performance down out of the Stratosphere is fine by me. Many of us await lower prices with baited breath.

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