Plextor Announces Blu-Ray Writer With 12x Write Speeds

Plextor announced a new Blu-ray internal writer, the PX-B940SA. This new drive features Blu-ray write speeds of up to 12x, which Plextor claims is the fastest available on the market today. The drive comes with CyberLink’s BD Suite software package and uses a Serial ATA interface. In addition to Blu-ray, the drive also supports DVD R/RW and RAM. It can accept both 12cm and 8cm discs (horizontally) and has a 4MB buffer.

Plextor Announces PX-B940SA Internal Blu-Ray Writer with 12x Write Speeds

PX-940SA provides 12x Blu-ray write speeds in addition
to high-definition Blu-Ray playback

(Fremont, CA – November 10, 2009) – Plextor, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, introduces its latest entry into the Blu-ray market with the new PX-B940SA internal BD writer. Featuring Blu-ray write speeds of up to 12x – the fastest available in the market – the drive also includes CyberLink’s BD Suite software package, including the TrueTheater™ HD technology to provide users with the latest in high-quality movie playback.

Using a Serial ATA interface, the internal PX-B940SA provides users with a convenient solution for Blu-ray playback, while simultaneously offering increased storage capacity with BD writing capabilities. Bundled with CyberLink’s TrueTheater™ HD technology, consumers can easily boost DVD video and audio quality to achieve HD-like results and smoother playback.

“Blu-ray is fast-becoming the standard for quality movie playback, and we’re taking that to the next level with the addition of BD writing capabilities,” said Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager at Plextor. “Plextor has always been a leader in the optical market and we’re proud to offer our users a simple, all-in-one Blu-ray solution.”

The PX-B940SA not only uses the latest Blu-ray technology but is also a highly versatile dual-layer DVD drive that combines multiple formats – DVD R/RW and RAM – into one. It can accept both 12cm and 8cm discs (horizontally) and has a large 4MB buffer to ensure there is no data interruption. Write speeds: 12x BD-R DL/SL, 2x BD-RE, 16x DVD+R/-R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+/-R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 40x CD-R and 24x CD-RW.

The included TrueTheater™ HD further allows users to make the most of their standard DVD content by enhancing video and audio playback quality. The software turns standard content into HD-quality images, eliminating jagged edges and distracting video artifacts during playback of standard content on high-resolution displays. CyberLink’s video up-scaling technology can convert video resolution from 480p to 1080p, making standard-definition content played on HD screens appear to be as detailed and sharp as high-resolution video.

The internal PX-940SA 12x BD writer is now available for $279 MSRP. For more information on the PX-B940SA, please visit

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recoveringknowitall 5 years ago

Never owned a Plex drive, but I've always heard good things about them! I probably won't get a BD writer till one can be had for around $150.

3vi1 5 years ago

I've owned a Plextor CDR before. I never had any problems with it.

But, I never had any problem with any CDR drive *except* for my first Pinnacle Micro branded drive (I think it was JVC guts with firmware). That was about 15 years ago, and I have not and will not ever buy another product from them again.

gibbersome 5 years ago

From JVC? Really? Thanks for the info.

Same here, have heard good stuff about Plextor, but the $279 price tag is a still a little much.

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

Nice to see Plextor still coming out with stuff. I have owned a couple plextor drives. usually very quiet and last but also a bit on the pricey side considering the competition.

realneil 5 years ago

Plextor always was pricey, but usually quality too.

I never had one fail or even misbehave, but my now, usual choice of LiteOn drives have always been rock solid too. I started using them long ago because they supported writing with more kinds and brands of blank media than other drives. Once I tried LiteOn drives out I could no longer justify paying more for Plextor drives.

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