Pandigital Novel 7" Android Tablet & eReader Review

Earlier this year, Pandigital announced a firmware upgrade for its 7-inch Pandigital Novel line of products that transformed the eReaders into full Android tablets. Although the Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7-inch Android tablet doesn't have the same powerful processor or specs as some of the other tablets we've reviewed recently, its low price ($199.99 MSRP, street prices as low as $140 at the time of this writing), will certainly capture the attention of users who are looking for an eReader with added functionality for an affordable price...

Pandigital Novel 7" Android Tablet & eReader Review

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LBowen 3 years ago

Not bad for those looking for a lower priced tablet. I would personally opt to save some more and purchase a more dedicated tablet. My hat goes off to Pandigital for adding functionality after release.

Dave_HH 3 years ago

We talked about this device tonight on the webcast (airing tomorrow). It's an interesting solution for those looking at eReaders but want occasional access to the web, email and a few casual Android apps.

rrplay 3 years ago

yep after seeing the vidcast and getting Marco input about the current pricing I can def see it as being on the coffee table as well for a knockabout reader.planer quick surf and to check emals. Sure it's not as feature packed as a ful table . but it may fit the bill for a lite use and simple tasks . The lower current pricing may be enough to sell better than expected.

omegadraco 3 years ago

These lower powered lower priced tablets in my opinion are what is going to drive the prices down on the more expensive tablets. Apple, Toshiba, and Samsung are going to be losing market share to products like this and the Nook that now has some light Android functionality.

More Marys 3 years ago

I got one for my birthday, and I just love it! My honey got me a Kindle and I was not so happy with the black and white screen for reading magazines, for just a little bit more money we returned the kindle and bought the Pandigital. I am now surfing the internet downloading books which I can read with the lights off due to the backlit screen, downloading apps, downloading pictures and much more. I am sure their are better multimedia tablets on the market place, but in this ecomony a buy like this is great it does everything I wanted from an e reader and so..... much more.

realneil 3 years ago

It looks OK to me,.....

GSutton 3 years ago

I had been using the KOBO ereader to download and read books with but grew tired of not having the advantages of a touch screen so drove back to FRYS to exchange it for the KOBO with the touch screen for $149 hich was still B&W. Fortunately for me, I saw this wonderful PANDIGITAL for the exact price but offerring hugely more benefits above only reading eBooks.

A beautiful colors screen which works very much like a Tablet. In addition, it allows me to read my NOOK with no problem, allows me to search and surf the internet, provides many, many applications that I found truly amazing. My intitial complaint with it was that it was heavy -- more than a pound which makes it too heavy to sit up in bed and hold in my hand to read my ebooks. However, after considering the trade off of weight for power, I decided to simply consider it a Tablet and use it as such.

After using it now for about a week, I am amazed at such a powerful tool for so little money. I now leave my powerful and heavy laptop on my desk when traveling and carry only the PANDIGITAL Novel..I have not found a need now to haul my laptop around any longer.

Much pleased with this exceptional device and for its purchase price.


DThomas 3 years ago

So, if you can pick one up for $75 (refurbished from factory) this would be a good deal? I use my laptop for everything and have never used a tablet.

JMolloy 3 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if you can use yahoo chat on this?

ChristineKrueger 3 years ago

Does anyone know if you can play games on this? My son wants something with a touch pad so he can play games, probably Angry Birds.......

Also, does the MPEG4 format translate to MP4? Wondering about movies. MP4 is what works on my little Zune (too bad they're no longer in production, I really love my Zune....)

OptimusPrimeTime 3 years ago

"@Christine, your best option is the Kindle Fire, you wont be disappointed, avoid the Pandigital Novel,  its outdated. The Kindle Fire is much faster and smooth, and you can play Angry Birds as well as access to an extended library of games and educational apps for your son. And yes, Mpeg 4 is Mp4, the Kindle Fire will also play those files."

AKwyn 3 years ago

[quote user="ChristineKrueger"]

Does anyone know if you can play games on this? My son wants something with a touch pad so he can play games, probably Angry Birds.......

Also, does the MPEG4 format translate to MP4? Wondering about movies. MP4 is what works on my little Zune (too bad they're no longer in production, I really love my Zune....)


Welcome to HotHardware! Be aware in the future when bumping threads like this, instead create a new thread if you want to ask us a question like this.

Anyways... The Amazon Kindle Fire is a good choice but be aware that it's a tablet lite... As in Amazon originally made an eReader and expanded it somewhat to be in color and in tablet form...

For games, your best bet would be an ASUS tablet; sure, it may be expensive but it has gaming power and can play games other then Angry Birds... Games that are in 3D I mean; you'll also be rest assured knowing that the tablet serves other functions rather then a gaming product for your son and if you teach your son those functions then you can be rest assured that your son has something for the future to write information on and well... use as a tablet

I haven't used a tablet but I have read up on them somewhat and ASUS is a good brand, plus the review for the ASUS tablet on HotHardware reccomend it highly... Again, you should probably do research first... My recommendation is the ASUS but again, up to you.

wayne107 2 years ago

Yes you can play MP4 videos on you Pandigital. I convert YouTube videos and movies and download them.

baseballfan46 2 years ago

this is for christine. Yes you can download apps. go to and download the appstore. they have many to choose from incliding angry birds. also card games,etc. most are free but for some there is a charge. there are also games already installed on your pandigital. hope this helps. Having games is a life saver ..

Susanne one year ago

I hope this posts where it should - just joined and was also wondering about the games issues - we are a very low income family and I really wanted to buy something "special" for our 3 girls - recently, I won an iPad from Burnbrae Farms thru Facebook - I hardly ever get to use it!! Our youngest (who is 3) is a whiz at playing all the games they have downloaded, so... when a local discount store was selling these Pandigital Tablets for $40.00 each!! I just coudln't pass that up!! My tech-savvy brother went and picked up 3 for us - I am just now opening and chargeing the first of the 3 so my husband and I can "check it out" - I really hope that it does allow you to down load games (like the sales person said it would) I mean it's just for a 3, 6 and 11 yr olds to "kick around on" so.... (they put things like cake maker, popsicle maker, make up apps etc on my iPad)

dpuoplo one year ago

I bought this tablet last month. Repeated attempts to upgrade from the pandigital site failed. The Barnes and Noble books would not let me open them. I called Barnes and Noble support first. They said I needed to upgrade the tablet through Pandigital first and then it would work. I contacted Pandigital support and was told that the company has gone out of business and there was no way to upgrade it. So basically I can't read the book I bought from Barnes and Noble, which is non-refundable. Very frustrated and disappointed. I had been in contact with Barnes and Noble since December 2nd and they had no idea Pandigital had gone out of business.

Dorkstar one year ago

Where did you buy it from?  I'd go grab an article that shows proof the company technically went bankrupt in July but they continued selling products they most likely knew they'd no longer be able to support.  Or just take the nice approach and just say you attempted to contact the company and they were no longer in business.  Of course, this probably all depends on if you still have the receipt, or bought it from a store that won't require one.  

Check this out:

Obviously, you aren't the only person out there with this issue.

baseballfan46 one year ago


Go to and type in androids for pandigital .2.0 or androids 2.0

you will get a list of games there are many of them.

also on the reader itself you can do it.

I downloaded many of the free games from amazon. just make sure you look only for the 2.0 games

I have all kinds of gsames.

also has many to choose from

bootlegger 3 years ago

Will the Android 2GB Tablet read pdf's that you scan?

I need one that reads work files made using my copier or Adobe Acrobat.

CNichols 3 years ago

Has anyone figured out a way to get into you tube on this tablet?

MSilver 2 years ago

Does anyone know why can't i type on this tablet?

wayne107 2 years ago

I just got one a week ago. Heck for 70 dollars I knew what I was getting. I enjoy it for what it is.

Longjohn119 2 years ago

I hate Pandigital's continued and blatant VIOLATION of the GPL v2 license for the Linux Kernel, Busybox, iptables, WPA Supplicant, and libwebcore. After over 18 months Pandigital refuses to make available the Source Code for these things as demanded by the GPL v2 license.

Either cough up the Source Code or stop using this code in violation of Copyright Laws of the USA and other countries

MDevosha 2 years ago

having issues with it connecting to my D-Link DIR-665 WiFi....

Anyone else having wifi issues?

I have checked to make sure I have current firmware version on both tablet and my router! Both are up to date

HIam 2 years ago

MDevosha - We were having problems connecting to our wifi too, until we slid the little button on top over to turn the wifi on. We kept getting an "unable to connect" error message before that. You are probably smarter than us though. :-)

bootlegger 2 years ago

Will this tablet or the eReader read pdf's that you scan?

I need one that reads work files made using my copier or Adobe Acrobat.

clauderb 2 years ago

hello everybody! I am new here and hope I can offer constructive criticism and reviews on my experiences with everything that is IT.

I just received the Pandigital tablet as a Christmas gift. Although I have only had it for a week I must say that it is very user friendly and has many useful apps installed. Although not as complex as the more expensive models, it will do nicely for connecting to WiFi networks, browsing the web and reading e books, email or downloading files etc.

As you can see, it will do as a beginner tablet but if you really need more, it is worth spending the difference for a higher end tablet. The Pantage tablet will not support making calls, via Internet etc.

All in all, I am quite happy with the tablet as it serves my needs for the immediate future. Until I really need to upgrade to a better system, the Pantage tablet suits me just fine.

SValdivia 2 years ago

i have a question.

okay so i have the 7inch android tablet. and im wondering does this tablet have a built in notepad to take like notes? because i like to take alot of noted. but if anyone knows please let me know. thank you.

AJohns 2 years ago

I just purchased the Pandigital 7" Novel for my daughter for Christmas and then realized there was the firmware update. I went to the Pandigiatl site and proceeded to download the update. The e-reader seemed to download the update and even daid "download comlete" but, nothing else happened. I was not prompted to open, run or any of those things. Also when i went to view the download, it said download unsuccessful "No application can be found to open this file." What do I do now? What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me?

kimesmt 2 years ago

I got a "Planet" for Xmas, trying to figure it out. Have one particular problem that I did NOT see listed in the forum: First apps wouldn't download at all, was going to return it. Then I was able to download some Slide Me apps and a few from Amazon App store. Then today I was able to download some more Slide Me apps, and some Amazon apps, but others just wouldn't work. They are android apps, simple ones like angry birds, pandora, weather channel, puss in boots... I was also unable to complete the Firmware update. Is this a defective tablet or is there something I can do to make this more dependable with downloads?

twd368 2 years ago

Reply More twd368 Posted: 01-06-2012 12:23 PM yes i got a pandigital tablet for my birthday well i synced music from my laptop and try to do other files thats on the tabley and it says NOT SUPPORTED?? im no tec person and my wifi signal is a hit and miss here at the house ive got a at&t wireless stick for my home internet i dony knows what thats called why is my music and other things say not supproted and how can i get a good signal on my wifi setting at the house???? thank you for your help.

jennbenn19 2 years ago

I just got one of these at Big Lots for $40 (normally $80) because it was missing the cable to connect it to a computer. I bought it because I knew I had several such cables at home. So far it's been pretty good. I haven't had a tablet before and don't even have a smart phone so it was all new to me. I have had some problems with the apps I've downloaded from their store not running and have noted that the touch screen is not that sensitive. The stylus helps that considerably and as far as apps go I just keep trying and deleting them until I find stuff I like that works. For $40 I can't complain, it's light and the battery lasts pretty much most of the day. I love the NOOK bookstore and have no problems downloading and accessing the books I like. I can even read and listen to music at the same time. I totally recommend this if you want to try a tablet for a reasonable price, and see if it's something you will use and enjoy.

DMartin 2 years ago

Does this Tablet do Text to Speech, as I need this capability. Thanks


JSean1 2 years ago

I realize this is designed for the Nook, but can it read Kendle books? We have Kendle's and I would like to be able to read those books

... Thanks for the help, sean.

AJent 2 years ago

just got a White PDN. I cannot open the Kindle App. Every time I enter my account and click "Register" it comes back with No Internet Connection (even though I am definitely connected to the internet". Ideas?

NKanetsyan 2 years ago

Does anyone know can I skype with this tablet. Does it have camera?

baseballfan46 2 years ago

I love my pandigital novel I got the white version. I recently went to amazon and downloaded a bunch of digital games through the apps. Also is a good place to find apps.I also downloaded pandora for music. I have not been able to watch movies or tv. If you know how to do this please advise Id really appreciate it.

baseballfan46 2 years ago

This novel is terrific. Playing games is easy with downloads from amazon ( digital games) and

I can read and listen to my pandora stations. Also a download. aslo emails too. My friend spent 200.+ dollars and all she can do is read. I spent 150 and Look at all I can do. I find Pandigital ees exceptional if you ahve a problem .

Alot of places sell covers and other items so its not like you on;ly have one store to choose from.

I give it anA

TWingate 2 years ago

i just bought one from walmart for $49.98 and i got it for my 4 yr old so he could play all the learning is awesome as long as you are not looking for a super speedy iPad. was able to down load a lot of apps, music, learning apps for children, and cant beat it for $50 bucks,,,2 thumbs up

ricortes one year ago

Sheesh! I posted a long comment answering most of the unanswered questions here and got

Really unimpressed. Thirty minutes of my life I will never have back.

OSunday one year ago

That just randomly happens sometimes... 
I've learned that if you post on articles through the forum, you can click back and your content will still be there... or I copy my comments before I click submit just as precaution.

I know that hassle sucks but it's better than risking typing away and losing everything you'd want to say, and ending up raging and not commenting at all like I have a couple times haha 

dorkstar one year ago

It probably had an error because this post is 15 months old and nearing the Mayan end of days.

jellybean356 one year ago

does anyone know if this supports abode flash player? thanks!

baseballfan46 one year ago

I have this pdn ereader in white and I love it! I have downloaded many aps to play cards. They were all FREE.

It only has a 2.0 android that's my only complaint. so I haven't been able to watch movies it says you can. Or I don't know how to figure that out.

BobbyDias one year ago

Can I add epubs and other stuff through the usb? I have a Pandigital Novel 7" Color Android 2.3 coming through ebay and do not want to mess it up by trying something that will break it.

margaretrose35 one year ago

why does my computer not recognise my pandigital 7 reader when I plug it in

MikeandjesseHenderson 6 months ago

how do i sell my pandigital novel

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