Over 10,000 McDonalds Served with Wi-Fi

Wayport, a corporate Wi-Fi provider, announced today that it is now providing Wi-Fi in over 10,000 McDonalds restaurants in the United States--of which, 9,300 are available for access by customers (for a fee, of course). Wayport starting providing Wi-Fi for McDonalds restaurants in 2004.

"This milestone continues McDonald’s position as the largest Wi-Fi network in the U.S. under a single brand, and as a leader in their industry with the integration of public and private networks on one platform."

According to Wayport's own Hotspot finder, we found at least 50 Wi-Fi enabled McDonalds within 3 miles of midtown Manhattan (Wayport's tool only counts up to 50 locations).
Via:  Wayport
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

 Wow, the New Jersey - New England area is a cluster *** of McDonald's.

digitaldd 6 years ago

so instead of saying: you want fries with that?

the cashiers will say: you want wifi with that? it'll cost ya. 



n0nsense 6 years ago
Funny. All (or almost all) McDonalds in Israel have free Wi-Fi provided by one of local ISPs
ice_73 6 years ago
what happened to good old free wifi for the public paid for by big companies? back when i had cable internet i would broadcast my signal via wifi so any one who needed it could use it, and now as a poor student i leach off other peoples wifi

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