Origin Opens Up To Mac Gamers with Alpha

EA’s Origin is meant to be a one-stop shop for gaming: so long as you have a Windows PC, you can shop for games and play them via the Origin platform. (Think Steam.) Origin overcame early skepticism (and a coupon debacle in which it inadvertently gave away free games) and is now expanding to the Mac platform. Only a few thousand U.S. and U.K. users will be able to download Origin for Mac initially.

Download Image For Origin Gaming Platform

For now, Mac support is in Alpha, and it’s incomplete. There is no store, for example, but the tab is there and Origin expects to make that live by the official launch. That’s true of certain other features, too, like Twitch. The same goes for the title catalog, which is limited at the moment. On the upside, if you’re one of the Alpa users, you’ll receive PopCap Bookwork free (check you My Games library) and you’ll be able to share your impressions with EA via a temporary Feedback button. You’ll need Mac OS X 10.6.8 and an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or better to get going.
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RWilliams one year ago

Good for EA! Bring it on. And then bring on a Linux version. PLEASE.

3vi1 one year ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for EA. Their idea of supporting games on Ubuntu was to add two packages that do nothing but hyperlink you to browser-based games.

I'm pretty down on EA for their past practices, so I actually hope they take their time and people give Valve and the indie developers all their money before EA wises up.

sackyhack one year ago

I still don't really like Origin. The software as a source of DRM is not that different from Steam, so that's not the problem. But unlike Steam, Origin has waaaay too many server failures. Yeah yeah first-world problems but for over a week I couldn't play singleplayer Mass Effect 3 because it couldn't connect to servers to check DLC, something it does EVERY time ME3 boots. I hope they get that sorted out because the interface isn't half bad.

Joseph Pianta one year ago

Just in time for Mac users to experience another Diablo 3 like game play with Sim City 5.

sackyhack one year ago

What you did there, I sees it

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