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Okay, Apple, Your Latest iPad Air Commercial is Pretty Inspiring

Okay, Apple, Your Latest iPad Air Commercial is Pretty Inspiring

Now that the hustle and bustle of CES is over with, it's time to get back to our normal routines. If, like us, you find that you're need of a little inspiration to begin your work week, have a look at Apple's latest iPad Air commercial. Yes, for the first (and probably last) time, we're prescribing an Apple ad to shake off a case of the Mondays.

None other than Robin Williams narrates Apple's newest pitch intended to get you excited about the company's flagship tablet, only it's not racing along at 100 miles per hour with funny voices and quips that the comedian is known for delivering. Heck, the ad doesn't necessarily inspire a person to rush out and buy an iPad Air, but Williams definitely offers up some words of wisdom to remind you of what matters most to humans.

iPad Air Waterfall

During the 90-second ad, Williams waxes poetic about passion, poetry, beauty, love, romance, and so forth. If the speech sounds familiar, it's because he delivered the same one in Dead Poets Society, only this time it's intended to show off all the different ways you can use the iPad Air, some of them pretty awe inspiring. Here's the ad in full:

You may now proceed with your regularly scheduled Monday.
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If I hire someone to take some creative photos and videos... they had better bring something better than a bloody iPad to do it.

The speech from Dead Poets Society is inspiring... Apple, not so much.

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These ads by Apple are extremely annoying and virtually non-informational. There is no chance in the world that I would buy an iPad based on these commercials. I already own an iPad (2) and it was based more on availability of content and reliability of hardware than any ad.

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I'll back you up. I thought the ad was pretty cool and showed some interesting uses for the ipad.

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it is an interesting commercial that's for sure! But remove the "iPad air" text at the end of the video ad it can be a commercial for ANY tablet, android, win8.1 RT/Pro. Pretty much any tablet, which is how I am going to choose to remember this commercial.

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