OC'd MSI Radeon HD 5870 Shatters Single-GPU 3DMark Record

MSI cards are no stranger to being at the top of the heap when it comes to breaking FPS records, and yet again the company is bragging about one of its own shattering the mold. The R5870-PM2D1G (not surprisingly based around AMD's Radeon HD 5870, a GPU that we adore) has just been used to create the new highest 3DMark Vantage P-Score of 24416, which is of course a high for a single GPU card. The award-winning user? Famed overclocked "Deanzo" from the great nation of New Zealand, who used MSI's own Afterburner OC'ing software to push the card to its stable limited.

You might have guessed that LN2 was used to keep it cool, and you'd be right. The card was cooled to -180?, enabling the clock speed to reach 1380MHz and the record to be shattered. It's only a matter of time before the next best GPU comes along and knocks even this number into 2nd place, but for now, we're sure Deanzo is celebrating and enjoying the victory. And celebrate he should.

Through MSI Afterburner overclocking software, the over-voltage function can highly boost the graphics card overclocking capability and provide extreme performance. From the result shown on hwbot.org: http://hwbot.org/compare.do?resultId=926281, GPU clock of MSI R5870-PM2D1G is 62.4% higher than standard ATI Radeon HD 5870.

MSI Afterburner fully supports GPU/Shader/Memory clock adjustment of NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards. Moreover, users can easily change voltage and clock and customize fan speed to enjoy the pleasure of overclocking and high performance. Free to download MSI Afterburner and experience extraordinary overclocking potential on MSI graphics cards.

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gibbersome 4 years ago


It's time like these I realize how big a dork I am...

amdcrankitup 4 years ago

I would like to see some of this guy bios settings on all of his ocing history.Would be a very interestind read. Thats incrediable on a MSI or any board! Just makes me want to run out and get Radeon and a MSI just to play with, dont know about the LN2 but its all good!!!

realneil 4 years ago

Too bad that it's so hard to FIND these new ATI cards to buy.

It's a shame that ATI can't capitalize on the fact that their cards are so advanced and friggin' fast when they need to. NVIDIA is probably waiting in the wings, giggling and snickering at ATI's lack of production facilities/capabilities, and planning the introduction of something better that we will want instead.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

I think it's all the rush to buy that's causing the shortages. There are at least six associates that produce the cards, and I'm sure they're happy as pigs in mud that the retailers are lining up at their doors eager for anything coming out of the loading bays.

What I want to know is, though: These overclockers, what do they run at home? Probably a hot processor (975 I'd guess) and overclocked with the utmost in water cooling; but do they ever sit back, sigh, and mutter "This rig seems so pokey."

Crisis Causer 4 years ago

1380 Core - good grief.  I'll just take a 5870 at stock please.  But I would like some LN too, just for fun.

williamfallin 3 years ago

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