NextComputing Shoves Battery And LCD Into New Workstation

NextComputing has a thing for producing some pretty outlandish desktops. Most of them are built for field use. We're talking seriously rugged machines, designed for serious, serious workloads and unthinkable environments. But there's always been one major problem: power. You still needed whatever your destination was set for to have a power outlet. But clearly, the company's thinking beyond that limitation.

A new teaser video showcases a new product, with what appears to be a built-in LCD as well as a built-in battery pack. Any guesses as to how many minutes (hours?) this thing would last? We're hoping to hear more about it soon, but for now, the video below is a must-watch.

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LBowen 3 years ago

Unleash the Ban Hammer upon cakeab!

In other news that is a pretty interesting idea with the built in battery pack. How ever if it's a true desktop I would estimate battery life at around two hours which would be more than enough for a quick presentation. I don't think power would be an issue much anymore because I have found outlets in some of the most obscure places.

jonation 3 years ago

this has to weight a ton, I hope some serious electrical tech went into the battery. i would hope its not like a car battery in there.

rrplay 3 years ago

Now that is 'Something Completely Different" & maybe 2hrs battery life

>> more like guess the weight too !

inspector 3 years ago

Um why is there a need for this? If you were to get a workstation... why would you need it on the go? Thats what laptops are for :)

omegadraco 3 years ago

I would guess 20-25 lbs and since they do not have as much of a limitation on space as a laptop would I would guess it has a huge battery that would last 4 hours or so.

wil2200 3 years ago

Reminds me of this

nextcomputing 3 years ago

Good posts as I enjoyed reading them. I think the primary point is if any laptop (low end to high end serves) your purposes, this is not the product for you and a step backwards as suggested, and we wouldn’t want you to consider such a use for this product family. The product is targeted at enterprise, mission critical applications that require server class or high end workstation level computing capabilities for mobile server, mobile workstation or more likely mobile data streaming appliance applications in the media/broadcast, military/intelligence/eforensics, testing/measurement OEM applications, and oil/gas applications among others. The key characteristics would be a flexible configuration that supports 110/220V AC power with an internal UPS for power filtering as well, and up to 2-4 hours of any load up to 320Watts sustained power demand without access to power as an all-in-one platform that weighs 15-23 lbs depending on configuration and includes a softbag, fits in the aircraft overhead. Configurations can include a combination of a Quad Core Xeon 4 or 6 core Westmere class processor, or core i7 4 or 6 core, or Sandy Bridge i7-2 class processor along with support for up 32GB memory, up to (6) SAS 10K RPM drives to 900GB each/SATA 7.2KPRM to 1TB each, or SSD drives to 400GB each (drives can be fixed or removable versions), 3 PCI Express 2.0 slots for NVIDIA Quadro Class cards or any other 3rd party PCI Express cards or I-O capture cards, and a 1920x1200 HD, 16million color display with options for (2) additional snap-on 1” thick

nextcomputing 3 years ago

Lamar Kropf 3 years ago

Well, I like that they're thinking outside the laptop, but I fail to see it catching on much, unless perhaps in niche markets.

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