New Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

The same group of international health researchers who warned the world in May that mobile phones might cause cancer have a bit of good news to share: cell phones apparently don't cause certain non-cancerous brain tumors.

As published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) examined data on over 2.8 million Danish adults and discovered no increased likelihood that those who used a mobile phone for 11 to 15 years were prone to a type of slow-growing tumor known as a acoustic neuroma (also called vestibular schwannoma). These tumors occur in the part of the brain most exposed to electromagnetic fields from cell phone use. 

If cell phones caused brain tumors, those who used them longest should have an increased risk of getting them, particularly on the side of the head where they hold their phones. Not so, the researchers found. Out of the 2.8 million studied, 800 people developed acoustic neuroma tumors but those who used mobile phones for at least 11 years were not represented in greater numbers than shorter-term or non-users. Among women who were long-term mobile phone users, no cases of acoustic neuromas were diagnosed. Of the long-term users who grew ill, the tumors were not larger than expected nor did they occur more frequently on the sides of the head that participants reported to have held them on.

"Overall, no evidence was found that mobile phone use is related to the risk of vestibular schwannoma," the researchers wrote. However, they aren't giving the all-clear signal yet; because these are slow-growing tumors, they say it is possible that 11 years isn't a long enough time to know for sure.

Last May the IARC issued a statement warning that use of mobile phones was officially classified as "possibly carcinogenic" to humans. The IARC was guarded in this warning, as the evidence hasn't exactly been smacking researchers in the head with a clear-cut, cause-and-effect link.

Even in that warning, the organization said that the evidence showing risk of brain cancer was "limited" and only seemed to indicate a specific type of cancer, known as glioma. At that time, they also felt that evidence showed a similar danger of acoustic neuroma tumors: according to the IARC press release, "past cell phone use (up to the year 2004)... showed a 40% increased risk for gliomas in the highest category of heavy users (reported average: 30 minutes per day over a 10-year period)." However, with this latest research to add to the bucket, it is looking like mobile phones are innocent of causing acoustic neuromas.

Via:  Reuters
ThunderBird 3 years ago

I'm confused one week it does cause cancer, the next week all is well.

Who knows anymore, one thing remains though and that is cell phones will be with us for a long long time to come.

Manduh 3 years ago

They'll change the results next month......

Jeesh, didn't you know? EVERYTHING causes cancer these days. Might as well stay in my bedroom all day away from chemicals, bottled water and the sun! Wait that wouldn't work, the laundry detergent used to clean my sheets causes cancer too. Is there no safe space anymore???

BTW All Sarcasm above.

My luck, I say this now and then a year from now I will be diagnosed with it. :S

animatortom 3 years ago

One week Wine and alcohol is good for you the next it is bad!

One week coffee is good for you then it is bad!

One week Chocolate is good for you then it is not! (then it becomes a stupid movie with a Che loving liberal:P)

I would say that almost all studies like this are done with a secular interest from inception. If you really wanna know about stupid studies like this that have been going back and forth since the sixties, just ask someone with allergies!

You dont need some study to tell you that if you eat something and it makes you swell up and feel bad that you shouldnt do that again!

This is similar to DC Lobbying! If you want to change policy or get more popularity to affect the market,...then come out with a study! The question always comes back to,....Who is really behind the study?

inspector 3 years ago

LOL wine is good for you tom :P

But hey its good news, time to get on my phone 24/7! lol

animatortom 3 years ago
No inspector, Whining just turns you into a Liberal :P
My point someone who is allergic to red wine and many other things! What is good for one is not good for others.
Jamie_1318 3 years ago

The real problem here is the media jumping all over the research. If the media always used reliable research, sound thinking and weren't just running around to look for whatever media sensation none of this random good/bad would be happening. Everything is BAD and GOOD for you. The media and most members of the general public don't usually have the sensibilities to weight advantages vs. disadvantages and come up with a reasonable proposal. Research is never complete and that is why we end up with conflicting reports like this one. It is quite a shame that you have to take peer-reviewed research with a grain of salt. I just don't like seeing all the sensationalism around these good/bad for you things if it was really that simple anyone could be a doctor.

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