Netflix Streaming “Breaking Bad” In 4K, Will Shoot Original Programming In 4K, Too

Netflix is staying ahead of the curve by offering a small amount of content in 4K, readying a near future where the streaming TV and movies service can take advantage of the slew of Ultra HD 4K TVs that will be hitting the market from the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio.

“Breaking Bad” is one program that Netflix said would be available in 4K, and now the company has confirmed that indeed, the series will be streaming in 4K as of June. The second season of Netflix’s own “House of Cards” as well as several Louie Schwarztberg nature films are already available in 4K.


Netflix has also said that it will be shooting and streaming its other original programs in 4K, which adds a nice chunk of attractive shows in the new resolution.

The company believes that Ultra HD 4K will become mainstream in five years’ time, which seems like a long way out, but preparing for an eventuality in advance is a smart business move for the company. There are the same folks, remember, that years ago saw a streaming-only future by 2014. There are still a certain number of DVD-by-mail users, but indeed, that number is dwindling fast.
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BruceRegael 6 months ago

Streaming 4K at abysmal bit rates isn't "streaming 4K". Anyone can do that. Twitch calls streaming at 1.5Mbps @ 1080p HD and it is NOT.

Unless Netflix is offering 4K streams @ 25Mbps with H.265 encoding it's a smoke screen just like every non-bluray source where the compression and bit rates leave much to the imagination.

NielsChristianMelgaard 6 months ago

Samuel Mateyak

NathanMeters 6 months ago

Yup and 4k tvs are still a mistake until they work out the bugs and actually get 4k discuss media rolling . Until then .. no one is buying it ...

NielsChristianMelgaard 6 months ago

Nathan Meters you mean the hdmi 2.0? Its patched on all latest 2014 4k tvs

ChrisFarscapeFredKim 6 months ago

And prices sky rockets thanks to comcast/time warner merger/net neutrality getting shot down

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