Netflix Now Playing On Sony's PlayStation 3

Netflix is taking the world by storm. Blockbuster stores are shaking at the thought of being dominated by by-mail DVD outlets, and with "Watch Instantly" bringing Netflix titles to users on-demand over broadband, one really does have to wonder if there's any limit to just how popular this company will become.

For the longest while, Netflix streaming was reserved (on consoles) to Microsoft's Xbox 360, but now--soon after Sony issued its cheaper $299 PlayStation 3 "Slim"--that service is being ushered onto another game console. Starting now, PS3 owners can apply for a streaming disc from Netflix (so long as they have an account that includes unlimited streaming), and a Blu-ray Disc will come in the mail that enables the service on the machine. Unfortunately Netflix streaming on the PS3 will block your optical drive, but hey, if you're watching a flick, you should probably just sit back and relax, anyway.

If you've got a PS3 and you want in, you can get an $8.99/month account and patiently await your disc.

The partnership between Netflix and PS3 was announced late last month and makes a broad range of entertainment options available to 11.1 Netflix members and close to 9 million PS3 system owners in the United States.

The partnership solidifies the PS3 system as the most complete home entertainment hub on the market today, allowing consumers to play high-definition games, watch Blu-ray movies, listen to music, view photos, browse the Internet, and download games, movies and TV shows from PlayStation®Network. PS3 system owners will now enjoy an unparalleled experience watching their favorite movies and TV shows streamed instantly from Netflix.

For only $8.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed to their TVs and computers via Netflix ready devices such as the PS3 system and can receive unlimited DVDs delivered quickly to their homes.

Watching movies instantly streamed from Netflix via the PS3 system is enabled by an instant streaming Blu-ray disc that is being made available free to all Netflix members. The free instant streaming disc leverages Blu-ray's BD-Live(TM) technology to access the Internet and activate the Netflix user interface on the PS3 system, which must be online via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Netflix members and PS3 system owners can now receive a free instant streaming disc for PS3 systems by going to The instant streaming disc will be delivered for free by first-class mail, generally one business day after members request it.

Netflix members simply slide the disc into their PS3 systems to reveal movies and TV episodes that can be watched instantly. These titles are conveniently organized into a variety of categories based on members' personal preferences, popular genres, new arrivals and members' individual instant Queues. Members can use the Netflix Web site or navigate directly on their PS3 systems to add movies and TV shows to their Queues. With the PS3 system's Wireless Controller, members can choose a movie to watch from their instant Queues or just play directly from any of the lists. They also have the ability to read synopses and rate movies. In addition, they have the option of fast-forwarding and rewinding the video stream via the Wireless Controller.

Via:  PR Newswire
3vi1 5 years ago

Why did they do this as a disc and not a digital download?!? There can't be hardly any info on the disc itself.

recoveringknowitall 5 years ago

I went ahead and got the disc. Why they put it on a disc is beyond me.

timaeus 5 years ago

They need the disc because the PS3 firmware currently doesn't support streaming Netflix. The disc is a stop-gap solution until Sony updates the firmware.

3vi1 5 years ago

That's not why they need the disc. There's no technical reason you need a firmware update to stream video. Any PS store download can stream media - it doesn't need to be an embedded part of the XMB.

I found out the real reason: NetFlix has an exclusivity agreement with MS that makes the 360 the only console that can have this embedded functionality for the next year. It's on a disc solely for reasons that NetFlix wants to work around the wording in that agreement. It won't be part of the XMB until that contract expires in late 2010.  :\

Microsoft is probably steamed, and going to sue them anyway - because M$ made it a Gold-member only feature in order to sell subscriptions to XBox Live.

acarzt 5 years ago

lol, yea I figured it was some kind of licensing thing, and yea MS is almost definitely gonna sue lol This option is far more better than paying for a Live subscription AND a netflix subsription lol I'd rather pop in a disc and go than pay for a live subscription. They should lower the cost of live or make it free. It's stupid to charge for something people had been doing for free before they came along and named it live. And people are still doing it for free every where but on the 360. I can game on my PC or PS3 online for free. Stupid MS...

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

[quote user="3vi1"]because M$ made it a Gold-member only feature in order to sell subscriptions to XBox Live.[/quote] Hey more stuff you can do free on PC.Confused Servers them right.


I have been thinking about getting one of those roku boxes for my mom.

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