NVIDIA’s Potent Tegra K1 Rumored To Power Microsoft Surface 3

Remember when NVIDIA was primarily a company that cranked out new GPUs for hardcore gamers? Honestly, that feels like an age ago, as the company has evolved into one that's producing its own gaming handheld (SHIELD) and has outfitted a number of tablets with the silicon necessary to run the latest operating systems from the world's software leaders. Now, as CES winds down and Q1-Q2 roadmaps become clearer, rumors are flying that NVIDIA's handiwork may power the third iteration of Microsoft's Surface.

Of course, Surface has had a pretty tough time in the market thus far, but it's still a young product. The Tegra K1, which boasts 192 Kepler graphics cores and a re-engineered CPU, was one of the highlights of CES 2014. And as it turns out, Microsoft may be high on the list of companies to receive it once Surface 3 production begins. It's being reported that the next-gen Surface, as well as a potential "Surface Mini," would rely on the K1 inside, with Windows 8.1 being the OS onboard.

It's still too early to tell if the whispers are going to come to fruition, but it certainly makes sense. Surface as a brand news to make a fairly big splash, and we can't think of too many ways to make a bigger one than to grab NVIDIA's latest silicon innovation and run full steam ahead. 
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sevags 11 months ago

This would be used to power the Surface "RT" models correct? Not the Pro models?

Dave_HH 11 months ago

Correct, though Microsoft doesn't have RT in the naming convention. Then again, by the time Surface 3 ships, will there still be an RT?

sevags 11 months ago

I strongly believe there will still be an "RT" model come surface 3 for several reasons. First is I really don't think they will be running a full 8.1 distro on an Nvidia K1. Then there is the fact that only the Pro on the market just won't do, MS wants to win the iPad Tablet segment not the ultrabook (Pro) segment. There is a chance they could go with only two SKU's; Surface Pro and Surface Mini "RT" but if that were the case MS would then not have an iPad 10" competitor.

On a side note everyone complained about the RT branding but what was wrong with it other than people not being educated on what RT is? Now without the "RT" moniker how do you tell what you are getting when the products look the same! If I see "Surface Mini" on a box I'll wonder what OS it's running and so on. Things are more confusing now..


SmogHog 11 months ago

RT + K1 = Another MS Fail


Bring On The Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300 since Samsung failed to deliver the ATIV Q

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