NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Powered Maingear SHIFT

NVIDIA is launching a new, ultra high-end graphics card today, the long rumored GeForce GTX Titan. Although the card itself and a couple of its features are new to the consumer graphics card market, many details of the GPU powering the GTX Titan, namely the NVIDIA GK110, have been previously covered here. In fact, NVIDIA revealed the GK110 at GTC 2012 in May of last year and released its first Tesla-branded products based on the GPU a few months later. The GK110 is also a key component of the GeForce GTX Titan’s namesake, the Titan Supercomputer, which uses almost 19,000 of the GPUs in tandem to crunch numbers at a brisk 20 petaflops. Products designed for the HPC space are somewhat different than what power our gaming PCs though. The GPUs on the cards may be similar, but the power, form factor and budget considerations are in totally different leagues…

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Powered Maingear SHIFT

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myndmelt one year ago

Ahh, now I know why I got that driver update through NGE this morning.

Dave_HH one year ago

This is one monster card. Two in SLI would be nice. :)

RWilliams one year ago

I admit that i was iffy on this card at first, but then it started to sink in. 6GB GDDR... 384-bit... 3x1 gaming...

Just wow. And that SHIFT... I don't think I have the right words...

OSunday one year ago

Holy bajeezus that c ard packs a punch... I don't see any realistic use besides having money to blow on boatloads of high res monitors to run in parallel...

I feel like one of these cards could keep a system maxed out through a couple generations of GPU's

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