More Users Flee Firefox, Chrome in Favor of Internet Explorer

Another month is in the books, and once again, Internet Explorer is the browser to beat, in terms of market share. IE closed out October with a majority share of 54.13 percent, well ahead of Firefox at 19.99 percent and Chrome at 18.55 percent, but a closer look at the numbers reveals some interesting trends.

For one, IE increased its install base for the second consecutive month, and is up by exactly 1.5 percentage points compared to October 2011. So not only is IE still on top, but it's managed to climb higher since a year ago.


That's bad news for Firefox, which dropped below 20 percent for the first time in several years, and declined 2.53 percent compared to a year ago. Chrome isn't faring much better, having lost users for the second consecutive month. It appears Chrome might have finally plateaued after steadily increasing its share of the browser market since its debut. Chrome's high point was in May 2012, when it commanded 19.58 percent of the browser market.

Why does any of this matter, since browsers are free to download and use? There are two reasons. The first is search engine revenue. Google and Microsoft pay big dollars to browser makers in exchange for being featured as the default search engine, and in fact Mozilla makes the majority of its money this way. And secondly, the browser with the biggest share of the market typically has the largest influence on web standards and how developers code their websites.
realneil 2 years ago

It's Firefox and Chrome for me.

In the past, using IE was like being slowly pecked to death by chickens. I can't bring myself to trust it anymore.

Joseph Pianta 2 years ago

Chrome or Firefox on my PC (Safari is installed on the PC and has some nice add-ons). Firefox or Safari on my iMac.

Yeah IE is to scary to use even with redundant scamware software installed.

elfsun 2 years ago

IE 10 seems cool. I will keep using for some time to see what will happen. In win7 and XP,I rarely use IE. My favorite browsers are and Avant browser. Different browser open different websites. Hope I can keep using the three browser in win8. Just tried Avant last night,I will try chrome and firefox in win8 today.

mhenriday 2 years ago

Well, Paul, while you don't say so explicitly, from the links you provide it would seem that the statistics you quote were provided by NetMarketShare. Nothing, however, is said about just which market they describe. A glance at StatCounter's GlobalStats, which I understand uses a far larger sample base than that available to NetMarketShare, would seem to indicate that IE is not at all the most widely used browser worldwide, but rather that Google Chrome wears the crown. Nor does it seem to be the case that the market share enjoyed by Firefox has slipped under 20 %. But perhaps the market with which your report deals represents only a minor share of the total worldwide market ?...


eunoia 2 years ago


aziesdad06 2 years ago

its firefox only for me

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