Microsoft Updates OneNote For Windows 8.1 Packed With New Features

Companies update their apps all the time, and usually the changes aren’t particularly noteworthy, but Microsoft just revealed a doozy of an update to its OneNote app for Windows 8.1 devices.

One major change is the Share charm that lets you send anything you see on your screen (such as something from an app) to OneNote with a swipe and a couple of clicks. You can do the same with screenshots.

OneNote updates Windows 8.1

Other new features include scanning capabilities with Camera Scan, which will automatically clean up shots of whiteboards and documents to make them appear to be scanned, and new OCR recognition makes all of your images searchable.

OneNote updates Windows 8.1

You can also use Recent Notes to see your latest OneNote items, and Page Preview gives you a little reminder of each note’s content, whether it’s a text or photo. Finally, you can annotate your OneNote items with a stylus (in your choice of color and thickness) or your finger with the Ink function.

Competing with the likes of Evernote with its own powerful note-taking tool is tough sledding for Microsoft, but updates like these definitely help.
Via:  Microsoft
Dave_HH one year ago

OneNote has turned out to be quick the valuable tool. Microsoft continues their strength in enabling folks to get things done, not just play on devices.

digitaldd one year ago

One Note for some reason seems to be one of the best kept secrets from Microsoft. Everyone has office installed somewhere yet very few people have ever run the app or tried it out. I've been using it since Windows Mobile 6. And since they have free apps for Android, IOS, Mac, Windows there is no reason to not try them.

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