Microsoft To Stop ‘Patch Tuesday’ Security Patch Email Notifications, Updates Windows Update Client

IT admins take notice, you will no longer receive email notifications from Microsoft announcing Patch Tuesday security bulletins. This includes security bulletin advance notifications and summaries, as well as new security advisories and bulletins and major or minor revisions to security advisories and bulletins, Microsoft announced.

This change pertains to anyone who opted into a mailing list that Microsoft set up a long while back to alert them to Patch Tuesday updates.

Windows Update

"In lieu of email notifications, you can subscribe to one or more of the RSS feeds described on the Security TechCenter website," Microsoft said.

In addition, Microsoft rolled out an update to its Windows Update client in order to offer a more secure communication channel. The update applies to users running Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows RT, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, and Windows Server 2012.
Via:  Microsoft
Realneil 5 months ago

As long as they continue with the updates and get them out in a timely manner,.........that's good.

MCaddick 5 months ago

The whole '2nd Tuesday' thing has had me perplexed for some time. By sticking rigidly, for the most part, to this schedule MS are giving the bad guys at least a month for their security exploits to spread and do damage. Why on earth can they not just release patches as soon as an issue has been resolved instead of holding onto them for the next 2nd tuesday?? Also, doing a heap of patches at the same time would surely increase the likelihood of said patches interacting in negative ways as they all get crammed into an running OS at the same time with no restarts between them.

StaticFX 5 months ago

because its not just that simple.. first you need to have some time to make sure your patch works. Then you need to make sure that its compatible with all the versions. It also must be IT friendly and doesnt create another problem.  The IT world could never handle that... they need time to plan and rollout updates. Most companies dont let users do their own updates because they need all the versions of windows running at the same version for compatibility. An update could break something else... so they need to test as well before rolling out on the network.

Works the same really with everything... Android, iOS.. all take time before the next rollout


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