Microsoft To Ship Windows 8 On PCs / Tablets In October

Windows 8 is quite clearly the next major thing for Microsoft, and a lot is riding on the success of it. Windows 7 tablets were largely a flop, but it's likely because that OS was never really designed to work well in that form factor. Win8, however, is engineered to work specifically in that form factor. The Metro universe is right at home in tablets, and according to a Bloomberg report, Windows 8 will be hitting those tablets in October.

Reportedly, Windows 8 will be "wrapped" this summer, and both Intel- and ARM-based computer PCs and tablets will be on sale (at least in the U.S.) in October. October makes sense; it gives Microsoft the time it needs to make a dent in holiday sales, but there will certainly be lots of competition from other vendors.

The Consumer Preview was introduced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, which means the final build mustn't be but a few months out. Windows loyalists, get ready for an upgrade this fall.
Via:  Bloomberg
Ramon Zarat 2 years ago

I'm a corporate reseller and I can already foresee the huge backlash coming from our business customers unwrapping their brand new PC/laptop with Windows 8 and its infamous Metro interface. That's gonna be a nightmare of epic proportion. I really hope there will be way to freely downgrade to 7 until Microsoft come to its senses by including the option to disable Metro completely and reinstate the start menu / desktop to its full glory.

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