Microsoft Begins Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Update Rollout

Say hello to a different kind  of fruit: Mango. While the news of late has focused on Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 launch, Microsoft has some news of their own on the mobile OS front. Windows Phone 7.5 is the first major overhaul of the system since the (more basic) NoDo updates began to roll out a few months ago, and starting this week, WP7 users should begin to see the v7.5 update roll their way. Microsoft claims that this release has a "people-first" attitude, and there's focus on multitasking, more integrated apps, primo mobile Web browsing, and powerful and personalized tools, like integrated social networking and conversation threads, for connecting with the people in our lives.

The update will be gradually rolled out to existing Windows Phone owners and will be pre-loaded onto a number of new phones that will be released by operators including AT&T, T-Mobile and others worldwide in the coming months. Outside of revised Xbox LIVE support, there's also a new Groups feature that lets consumers create groups from their contacts – think trivia buddies, soccer teammates, coworkers or family – and turn them into a personalized Live Tile on the Start screen. In the People Hub, the What’s New? feature now shows updates from Twitter and LinkedIn in addition to Facebook and Windows Live, in one easily filtered social network feed. An updated Me Tile on the Start screen shows social notifications – one tap lets consumers see when people mention them in a Tweet or interact with them on Facebook. From there, another tap will take people directly to that post where they can “like” or comment on it.

New Bing integration includes Local Scout, a tool for finding both the expected and the unexpected nearby; Bing Vision, which lets people search with their camera and even translate text into different languages; and continued developments in voice recognition, allowing consumers to do hands-free searches and even texting. The first of the Mango phones are also starting to roll out, leaving us with one question: you buying in, or waiting for that iPhone 5?
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acarzt 3 years ago

I'm hoping to get that update soon... it's the last chance i'm giving this phone before I switch to Android...

Marco C 3 years ago

I'm in the opposite boat. I somewhat bored with my Android phone and am thinking of giving Mango a try.  What do you like / dislike about WP7 to this point?

acarzt 3 years ago


Well, for me, the marketplace wont work right. I even did a reset and lost my data and it still wont work right for me... Occasionally when you click on stuff from websites, it will take you to a link for the app in the market place and I was able to get a marketplace search app... and that is my way of getting to something that resembles the market place :-|

When i'm there... searching for apps is a chore... and there are not many good apps out there for this platform. It's rather dissappointing.

There is Netflix... but now you can get Android phones with that too now.

The media player doesn't play very many different formats so if you download a song or video from some website... it probably wont play. There is no way that I know of to get a 3rd party media player on this platform or a 3rd party web browser.

The browser will allow you to go back so many pages and then clicking the back button will take you to the home screen. In certain scenarios you lose whatever page was back. For example... sometimes you'll be looking at a page, open a new tab and do a google search then go back to your original tab and hit back and it just goes to the home screen. It can be annoying.

It is however... incredibly easy and VERY fast to navigate. The voice recognition is really good too.

Soooo let's say I want to go to cold stone creamery, hit the power button, slide to unlock, click the map, click search, click the button to speak say where I want to go and it finds it. Doing the same on Android seems to take longer. If it'd not on your front page you have to click for your apps and search for it. On WP7 if it's not one of your tiles it just a flick of the thumb left and it's right there, maybe a flick of the thumb to scroll down, but it does it fast and since everything is alphabetical and you're games are all under the xbox live app it's pretty quick to find what you're looking for.

Contacts are very easy to navigate fast as well. Click people, click a letter and it shows you all letters, click the letter you want and bam you're there. You can also put people as a tile on your home screen for even quicker access.

I like the email app, i'm able to navigate it quickly and move and delete emails as needed pretty easily.

I don't like the music and videos app.... When you get a song playing... I don't really know how to stop it... I can pause it, but then it has that annoying bar accross the top showing you what you were listening to and to keep playing stuff.... i've noticed I have to start a video and then pause it, and then it goes away... really annoying... Also, there is no way that I have found to clear your history in the music and videos app... not that i'm looking at anything inappropriate... it's just annoying...

There are plenty of other things to gripe about... but hopefully they have fixed some of these issues...

AKwyn 3 years ago

Well it's definitely piling on the integration aspect of everything, and it is looking pretty good. Almost as if Microsoft realized it had upcoming better competition and it focuses all of it's efforts into churning out this update.

In any case they have a serious uphill battle ahead of them, as Android and iOS continue to get stronger and stronger and stronger. Let's hope this reverses Microsoft's bad luck with mobile devices.

rrplay 3 years ago

I could see folks giving this a try considering all the interaction that become big part of some life styles with social networking,cause the UI interface and apps may be  a bit more streamlined to use because they are integrated with the OS.I suppose similar to Widows Metro ? Would be interested in seeing more especially if you do a hands -on vid to bet a better idea.

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