Marvell's $99 Moby Tablet Might Just Be A Game Changer

The OLPC XO computer set out to change the way laptops were viewed and used in schools everywhere. It ended up costing a bit more to manufacture than originally planned, so it didn't make the vast impact than was intended. It still made a small impact, though, and now loads of poorer schools worldwide have computers that they otherwise wouldn't. Marvell is obviously looking to pick up where OLPC left off, and now that prices have sunk somewhat, they just be able to pull it off.

The new device is called the Moby, and according to Marvell, it's going to spark an "education revolution." The main reason is the $99 price point, which is low on anybody's scale. Believe it or not, the Moby is said to have full 1080p playback support, compatibility with Flash and enough power to handle "modeling and gaming graphics, live conferencing and social media."

Marvell sees this as their opportunity to replace books with ebooks, as the Moby will be able to hold a full year's worth of books but weigh less than half of one typical textbook. The company's also planning to announce a pilot program in partnership with the District of Columbia Public School system (DCPS) where the Company will donate a Moby tablet to every child in an at-risk school as part of a multi-year program in new media and learning. As for specifications, the device will have an ARMADA 600 series CPU, 1080p full-HD encode and decode, intelligent power management, power-efficient Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM/GPS connectivity, high performance 3D graphics capability and support for multiple software standards including full Adobe Flash, Android and Windows Mobile.

We sure hope the general public can buy these too. At $99, we'd pick one up just have as a spare web machine.

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gibbersome 4 years ago

I'd like to see the 1080p claim tested. Also, what's the resolution on the screen? Wifi/Bluetooth/FM/GPS connectivity...sounds amazing.

Zestia 4 years ago

Listen up philanthropists of the world. Here's a great opportunity to make a huge difference at a low cost. Way to go Marvell!

LockeCPM5 4 years ago

What are the specs for this? Processor make/model and speed, RAM, storage, etc...

For $99 this could be a winner, but I am curious what the specs are especially since they claim 1080p playback.

RyuGTX 4 years ago

In the past, was the OLPC available to the general public? I can't remember.


That is cool how they partnered up with DCPS. I just hope that it is an education revolution and not turn out to be a device to introduce and hook kids into social media like Twitter/Facebook.

Investrite 4 years ago

Well in regards to acarzt's skepticism, er...caution, they already have develop this and it will market shortly, with the Arm100 and by end of year the Arm600 will be available. Why don't we give this company with over 5000 employees a chance before we shut the opening gate.

As for schools and their fear of technology, I can't think of a single teacher's assistant, teacher, professor or anyone in the system who would snub their nose at carrying home a single 3lb reader than a backpack full of textbooks.

It is, if what I have heard is correct an open platform, makes the longevity a much brighter outlook than others, though I haven't confirmed this yet. Anyone know for sure?

JoelB 4 years ago

Wow, that's incredibly cheap. I kind of suspect that it won't actually come in at that price point. Still though, even double the price it seems like a pretty nifty device.

kasel23 4 years ago

Definitely worth it. People carrying around huge text books these days is pretty silly with the technology we have. Would be a good chance for Marvell to get a serious foot in the business and help out students. Win win.

inspector 4 years ago

I should get one of these and replace all my textbook for class (only 1 i have to carry around but still :P) and replace my binder that's as big/heavy as a text book, that's if the schools going to allow me to bring one of these in (im in high school).

RyuGTX 4 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"]

I should get one of these and replace all my textbook for class (only 1 i have to carry around but still :P) and replace my binder that's as big/heavy as a text book, that's if the schools going to allow me to bring one of these in (im in high school).



Your bigger problem might be the fact that a lot of text books are not offered in a digital format. At least that has been my experience through college. I don't know much about the industry, but I figured that publishing companies like the power they have. Textbooks are expensive and they seem to come out with a new edition in a few years with no major changes. So unless publishing companies are paid huge royalties, I'm not sure how this will fly.


NoobfromNS 4 years ago

I wonder how it will integrate with existing classroom technology. (Interactive white boards, and classroom management software, electronic quiz machines, etc.) I remember chatting with a professor about the Ipad, he thought it was the best thing ever -- until I pointed out he wouldn't be able to connect to a projector, and thus it wouldn't work that well with his smart board. For students this thing would be really sweet, but a head ache for sys admins, and teachers who aren't keen with this tech thing.

I still want one.

ncb1397 4 years ago

The iPad does VGA out for projectors with a $30 adapter.

animatortom 4 years ago

Dance hippies:)

This is a great idea. these are what I have been waiting for to replace textbooks for a long time. If they are simple, durable and easy to use, we should have had these a long time ago. Imagine using wikipedia as a standard encyclopedia in all aspects. Something along these lines could also be ported across line to industry and private sectors, and really cut down on paper and waste.

They would be even more appealing if they had scribe support and touch. Just one in the home can replace all notepads, HT remotes and those silly netbooks. Also being able to use them as an E-book reader and even a Leap pad for kids would be great.

I guess the real question would be if it does 1080P, can we hook it up as a media player?
digitaldd 4 years ago

I have to admit Marvell has come up with some awesome development kit designs in the last year or so.  This one has definite potential, especially considering what has been speculated as far as the Armada 600's graphics capabilities. It could make a nice gaming tablet, web browsing companion, PMP, or ebook reader.

acarzt 4 years ago

It seems all too common that someone will come along and claim they are going to create a device that will be a game changer and revolutionize something. They make their claims and their promises... and then it unfolds to be something different.

Wasn't the Eee PC supposed to accomplish what Marvell is claiming they will accomplish? There have been countless others that have tried to bring to market, and sub-$100 laptop for the masses.

I'm not saying they should stop... i'm just hoping someone will actually put their money where their mouth is and make this happen.

Here's to hoping too that some idiot in the school system, afraid of change and technology, doesn't "veto" such a movement and keep our schools in the stoneage.

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