MSI Makes Overclocking Easy On N260GTX Lightning

Among the deluge of NVIDIA news this week, MSI has decided to throw its hat in the ring by introducing a new graphics card that's powered by the aforesaid firm. The N260GTX Lightning is predictably based on the GeForce GTX 260, which we heard earlier this year was getting a PCB tweak to shave costs. It's hard to tell from this release if anything is different from earlier GTX 260s, but given that new GPUs were announced by NVIDIA within the past seven days, it's a pretty safe bet that this one will be cheaper than expected anyway.

MSI's latest card packs 1792MB of on-board memory, a dual-fan design and an "AirForce Panel" to easily overclock it. In order to ensure the durability under intense pressures, MSI has included the ability for the Hi-c Caps to operate at 125ºC, which means that you'll probably start sweating before this thing begins melting. As for that AirForce Panel, it's actually a sperate unit that is touch driven and enables user control over things like voltage and clock settings -- we're assuming the company has designed this so that individuals can't just max things to the point of causing damage, but we'd use caution just in case.

Pricing and release information is still being withheld, but we'd bet this will quietly filter out to stores sooner rather than later.

Via:  MSI
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recoveringknowitall 5 years ago

Awesome innovation!

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Is this one gpu? If so what is it going to do with 1792MB of memory? Although the voltage and overclocking options are cool.

recoveringknowitall 5 years ago

[quote user="bob_on_the_cob"] If so what is it going to do with 1792MB of memory?[/quote]Probably not much, just like the 6-12gb of ram ppl are buying to go with their i7 setups. lol

I'd trade my 260 for that 1 though just cuz it loox kewl and if it functions as advertised with complete stability, I'd consider that icing! ;P

jeremy 5 years ago

Awful cooling design to my eyes. Take a design that has no problem maintaining very acceptable temps with the reference cooler, add another fan, then make it so it just swirls hot air around inside the case instead of exhausting it out the back. Just for icing on top, add a way to increase voltage so you can put even more heat into you case.

I upped the voltage on my 192 core 65nm GTX260. It still capped out at the exact same clock speeds, it just ran hotter. I'm not sure if the voltage control would help the 55nm part at all, but I kinda doubt it.

amdcrankitup 5 years ago

Cool lookikind design I definatly would like Dave and Marco to get and test one of these to see how it stands up! Then they could maybe give it to one of us when they get through playing with it!Ahhh to dream! LOL

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