Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Games Over Her Likeness In GTA V

Despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto V was released over nine months ago, it continues to find its way into headlines sometimes for good reasons, other times for less-than-ideal reasons. But regardless of those reasons, publicity is publicity, and I'm sure Rockstar welcomes it.

The game, which was recently announced to come to additional platforms this fall, once again finds itself in headlines today, and from an unsuspecting source: Lindsay Lohan. As it happens, a character in GTA V resembles Lohan slightly, and apparently shares a similar voice and clothes line. Generally, I write this kind of accusation off right away, but this is Rockstar we're dealing with, and it's hardly a stranger to this kind of thing - a woman on the game's cover looks very much like Kate Upton, for example.

The real Lindsay Lohan

Nonetheless, if Lohan has a case here, it'll be because the ingame character shares so much a life likeness with her. In the game, you help this character avoid the paparazzi, as well as deal with a mission inside of a hotel inspired by the Chateau Marmont, a place where Lohan once lived.

Whether or not Lohan has a case she's able to win here is hard to say, because this could be considered parody which companies and people are allowed to create - at least within reason. Hopefully we'll actually hear the end of this story, since so many stories like this tend to be forgotten about not long after they surface. What do you think? Baseless accusation, or a clear violation of Lohan's likeness?

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GeirANilsen 5 months ago

she should be happy..

She had a better look ingame.

JavierOquendo 5 months ago

lol does she abuse drugs in the game?

WilliamBelmont 5 months ago

didn't Rockstar already cover this with the Kate Upton debate?

RoelDBumblekid 5 months ago

it's more like Kate Upton..

AustinCurran 5 months ago

The cover girl doesnt look like a coke'd up slut.

TonyGolick 5 months ago

Blonde haired woman in bikini... must be me - Every blonde ever.

KyrillVerbytskyy 5 months ago

hahahahaha, she needs more money for coke?

Rosec14 5 months ago

I doubt anyone will give this much attention.

JacobMattos 5 months ago

hahaha this will not fly by any judge

JozefBezpriezviska 5 months ago

exactly what I just was to type in here :D

ChrisHunter 5 months ago

It's not rockstar's fault she is exactly like generic blonde girl #3

SurakaiBloodhelm 5 months ago

looks nothing like her

An0nym0us 5 months ago

That's a farrrrrr stretch to think they look alike!!

erazmusnz 5 months ago

That's classic, I would love to see a no-holds barred court room drama on this.

"Your honour, this character is quite clearly not modelled off the Plaintiff. Note our character is

a) Not a train wreck,

b) Not a has-been,

c) Not intoxicated or under the influence,

d) Fully clothed,

e) Has better fashion sense."

Bring out the big guns I say :)

RobertBoone 5 months ago

Didn't someone else already try and sue Rockstar over something similar... Sounds like an excuse to be sue happy. Heck, I didn't even notice the similarity until now.

SandyJung 5 months ago

That looks more like Brooklyn Decker.

RichardGreen 5 months ago

lindsey lohan wishes she looked that good, lol

EliasNahas 5 months ago

Wait, I remember that she already tried to sue them when the game first came out? Or is it that her case has finally gone to court?

JoeyEote 5 months ago

She's not suing over the artwork in the thumbnail... The artwork was drawn using a real model.

She is suing over a celebrity that appears in one of the game's many missions.

TreyMalford 5 months ago

Check out this

DjJackson 5 months ago

LOL! She seriously must be running out of drug money. xD

ChristopherWetmore 5 months ago

It can't be Lindsey Lohan. The in-game character appeared on time.

JayceReinhardt 5 months ago

It's a generic image of a beach girl. I saw at least five girls that looked "Just like her"

CliffVincent 5 months ago

haha i should sue them over a character that is somewhat like me

JefferyPruett 5 months ago

This is retarded she just want ''MoaR'' money

TwoFaceTony 5 months ago

The people in the game are made up of some random image in some guys head pretty much. She just wants money.

bubk80 5 months ago

she actually may have something...

ThaBusDriv3r 4 months ago

Go home Lindsay because you're obviously drunk to think that Rockstar would want to copy you. Their game GTAV has taken off in the gaming community, which is quite opposite to your career. Go look for money elsewhere because you're not getting it here. I haven't played GTAV, but if they created a character that "resembles" you, then I bet it's doing better in the game than you at life.

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