Leaked Photo Shoot Shows Off NVIDIA Tab 7's Sexy Backside

Rumors have been swirling that NVIDIA is interested in launching its own brand tablet line, which should be an easy transition for the company after SHIELD. There's been chatter of a high-end Android tablet built around the company's Tegra 5 platform, and also a more affordable 7-inch slate, pictures of which have found their way to the web.

Chinese language website MyDrivers.com posted a couple of authentic looking shots of of the Tegra Tab 7's backside, giving viewers a glimpse of the tablet's NVIDIA-inspired styling. A textured grip runs down the spine and is shaped like an hourglass, with plastic wrapping over the two sides.

Tegra Tab 7

There looks to be a slot for a stylus, a feature that would help the Tegra Tab 7 stand out from the crowd. You can also spy a rear-facing camera, power switch, 3.5mm audio jack, microHDMI and microUSB ports, and a SIM card slot.

Most other details are a mystery, though MyDrivers.com seems to think the built-in camera is 5-megapixels and the processor a Tegra 4 chip.
Via:  My Drivers
RWilliams one year ago

The stylus is a great touch. Can't wait to see this thing come to market.

Dave_HH one year ago

I dunno. I have a stylus on the Galaxy Note 8 here and I almost never use it. I want to know what resolution that screen is though.

JDiaz one year ago

Despite the Samsung S-PEN software, the problem with stylus/pen usage is that aside from drawing and note taking that there aren't any general purpose reasons to use a stylus/pen with Android...

A stylus/pen makes more sense when running a desktop OS like Windows because they require more precision than capacitive touch can provide on small screens.

However, it is possible to put Android apps into a windowed and tiled view that's similar to a desktop. The Galaxy Note 8 only partially does this with side by side app view and with switching between apps but Rockchip and others are showing that it can go a step further and provide stacked or tiled windows of apps...

On a small 7" screen this can suddenly create a need for the precision of a stylus/pen...

Assuming of course they intend this to be a Android tablet... they could always go with RT or desktop Linux instead... or maybe even opt for a remote desktop feature where a stylus/pen would become more useful than capacitive touch...

realneil one year ago

Not my idea of a sexy backside,.....lol!

Sevags one year ago

It looks like a silicone case on the tablet instead of the tablet itself. Maybe a case won't be needed lol

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