LG Philips Is Tired Of Your Dirty Laptop Screen

Dirty screen getting you down? Did your last LOL!!!11!!!  involve spraying Mountain Dew all over your laptop display? LG Philips feels your pain. They've come up a single coating that reduces glare while it makes your screen more dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

"Our new panel employs a principle similar to that used on non-stick frying pans," Ahn Byung-chul, who leads development of advanced technology at the company, said in a statement. "Dirt and oil can easily be wiped away."

LG.Philips LCD Co., the world's second-largest manufacturer of liquid crystal displays, said the new coating even facilitates the removal of ink.

The new technology is slated to go into production the first half of 2008, first on the 15.4-inch widescreen panels LG.Philips makes for notebook computers and later for notebook panels of all sizes by the end of next year.

The real innovation here is that one inexpensive coating serves the purpose that two expensive and time consuming coatings used to. It will be especially handy if your screen is coated like non-stick cookware when your laptop batteries catch on fire. HotHardware advises that heavy laptop users should carry Pam, a few eggs, and a few strips of bacon with you at all times. Just in case. 
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kid007 7 years ago
I replaced my LCD screen of my 15.4 Dell and happen to get a LG one, and i have to say, I LOVE IT!!! SXGA and is pretty awesome. my recommendation is guys check your lcd of your laptop is pretty easy to see most of the laptop manufacturer has manual to swap part's look for them and see if you got an LG :)

PS: My LCD was from Samsung.
ice91785 7 years ago


My main problem with my LCDs are that the static keeps pulling the dust back! Haha, i try to wipe off my screen but it just kinda piles the dust in the sides the screen *BOOOO*

However I can't say I spit too much Mtn. Dew on the screen -- its usually spit directly into my stomach

jeffb 7 years ago
Swiffers work great for dust on LCD screens. Gentle, holds the dust and breaks the static cling.
ice91785 7 years ago

BTW Go VIKINGS ;) ;) We'll trollip those Giants this week...mwahahah (probably not since we're horrible, lol)
kid007 7 years ago
ok guys keep the subject, we are talking about the lcd screen, if you have one of those rags that come with glasses those are good. and Patriots rulex ok.
Thank you very much (Have a great Thanksgiving guys)
ice91785 7 years ago

They should make a "de-static" spray thats non-acidic -- that'd be ideal I think in my case.

Computwiz 7 years ago

LG is a great company so i respect anything they want to do :)


Aww but i love cleaning my screen :) 

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