It’s Here: Windows 8 Release Preview Now Available

After a few leaks and premature teases, the Windows 8 Release Preview is here. Microsoft had previously hinted that it would be available the first week of June, but the final pre-release is out and ready for you to download and try out.

According to a blog post announcing the Release Preview, this release is the last one before the Release to Manufacturing (aka “RTM”) phase, and the Windows 8 team will continue to solicit feedback from users and tweaking the new OS before the final version is available. From here on out, Microsoft says that it’s focusing on reliability, security, peripheral compatibility, resource utilization, and fine tuning the user experience.

The Release Preview includes Internet Explorer 10, access to the Windows Store, and apps for Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger, among other programs. Microsoft also pointed out that if you buy a Windows 7-based machine now, you’ll be ready for Windows 8 when it launches.

With any luck, the RTM product will be getting final touches in about two months, with products running Windows 8 in stores in time for the holiday season.

If you're hankering for a test drive, hit up the Windows 8 Release Preview page here.
JDiaz 2 years ago

Seems they released the Release Preview sooner than expected, perhaps the leaked China ISO version accelerated their plans but it seems they left out changes they were discussing just weeks ago like removing Aero from the Desktop Mode. So there might still be some notable changes in the final release.

nigelwright7557 2 years ago

Cant see why MS have put a phone os on a pc.

You cant port most pwoer programs across into apps because the resources arent there.

warnerbob18 2 years ago

Windows 8 has much better graphical user interface as compare to older versions of windows.

As windows 8 is specially designed for I-pad's and touch screen panel systems.It will be good experience to use this version of windows.


digitaldd 2 years ago

For those interested Google has released a Metro version of Chrome into their dev channel. 

Flier 2 years ago






I've got nothing against new tech, its just always embarrassing to see people jumping onto bandwagons.

And what's so hot about broadcasting-to-strangers-everything-you-do-short-of-going-for-a-dump anyway? If it wasn't for the pretty colours and shiny tin things it'd be called big brother. So who needs ID cards now - just hand over your on-line handle and its all there.


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