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Internal Components of the Next iPhone Revealed

Internal Components of the Next iPhone Revealed

Apple's in a bit of pickle. The Cupertino company has to figure out how to regain its mojo in the mobile space by releasing a smartphone with fancy new features, but not go so far overboard that it ends up alienating its rabid fan base. If you recall, the initial reaction to the iPhone 5 was somewhat subdued, not because it wasn't a great smartphone -- it was, and still is -- but because consumers have come to expect so much from Apple. Will the next iPhone generate the kind of excitement that the iPhone 5 failed to elicit?

We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, the folks at Boy Genius Report (BGR) somehow obtained high-resolution photos supposedly of several internal components used in the design of the next iPhone. Here's a look at one of them:

iPhone Component
Image Source: BGR

What you're looking at above is a newly designed vibrating motor that's different in design from the one included in the iPhone 5. Other photos show a redesigned ear speaker bracket, a new loud-speaker bracket, Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon, and two different SIM card trays, which look thinner than the current generation iPhone 5.

There have been all kinds of rumors relating to Apple's iPhone plans, including one that suggests the Cupertino outfit will launch a lower-cost model made from polycarbonate plastic rather than metal and glass. More recently, a supposedly leaked ad showed an iPhone 6 model with a Retina-class display and edge-to-edge glass.
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To little, too late. Android seems to be waxing their asses and handing them back to Apple on a platter.

I have been looking at Android phone this week and I like what I'm seeing too.

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I know this is an article about hardware, but I get the feeling iPhone 6 is going to be sold on the basis of iOS 7's new look, and some incremental hardware changes....including the "edge-to-edge" feature (maybe). Android's caught up on hardware pretty much, even coming close on the screen resolution.

So software and design are going to be the selling points.

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Strongly disagree! Software is not going to be the fundamental reason the next iPhone makes it or fails. Software is emulated by both Android and IOS.

Camera hardware is also simulated in each generation of smart phones,....a little better by each manufacturer each time a phone is upgraded.

I am a big Apple fan. Own a Mac Pro, an Macbook Pro, an iMac, an iPad, but am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Where Apple is missing the boat is in screen size. Apple has long done things it's own way. But it has always given to the people what we wanted. Sometimes by showing us what we needed or wanted by it's innovation.

However, this time around, the majority of people seem to want a larger (4.8") screen. And Apple has decided to ignore what it's fan base desires. Being innovative is one thing, ignoring the request of your base is another.

The iPhone 5 software and current hardware is fine with me. Of course we all have dreams of additional features we would like to see. IE Inductive charging, micro sd card, replaceable battery. But we all know that most of these we will never see. But Apple must wake up and realize that if it does nothing else what so ever to the iPhone, it MUST increase it's screen size.

To me, nothing else Apple does matters regarding the next iPhone, if they do not increase the screen size to at least 4.8 inches! Without this increase in screen size, the iPhone will be dead to me. And I will purchase the SG4. At this time I am holding out to see if Apple has read the tea leaves or has it's head buried.

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Yes, pls increase the screensize! Whether Iphone6 hardware a hit or miss, I'll still buy it for my mother, a 60 yr-old beauty can't handle complicated Android. But don't take me wrong, I am never an i-Too fan, I sport strictly Android. But the ease of use of i-devices for senior citizen and children are simply amazing!

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