Intel Technology Showcase Preview From IDF 2010

There was quite a bit of activity on the show floor at the Technology Showcase taking place at the Intel Developer’s Forum, with a multitude of vendors hawking their latest wares. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many brand new products on display, like the OCZ RevoDrive X2 we showed you yesterday, but we still managed to snag a few pictures of a few PC-related products we thought you may be interested in checking out.





First up, we have Lenovo and DisplayLink. Lenovo didn’t have any brand new products on display, but did have an assortment of Intel-based netbooks, notebooks, and nettops. Their Atom-based nettop IdeaCenter Q150 was one of the cooler items on display, along with the N5901 handheld mini wireless keyboard and mouse. Talk about a cool device for the ol’ HTPC.

We posted the DisplayLink release yesterday dealing with the company’s new USB 3.0-based graphics adapters right here, so I stopped by their booth. Retail-ready USB 3.0 products weren’t quite ready, but there are a couple of shots of the development device, which was up and running.





Crucial was also on hand showing off their latest memory products and solid state drives, but didn’t have anything new to announce. But Gigabyte had a couple of upcoming products on display that had some new flavor. In Gigabyte’s boot were a couple of 6-Series motherboards for Sandy Bridge, the P67A-UD5 and the P67A-UD7. The boards were outfitted with 24-phase power and sported Gigabyte’s new color scheme. With Sandy Bridge boards, the blue PCB with light colored connectors is going away in favor of a dark PCB with silver cooling. Also take note of the accents on the board’s cooling will be anodized in different colors to signify the series, feature set, etc. Both boards will support SLI and CrossFire along with all of Gigabyte’s other proprietary features like dual-BIOS, etc.




We also stopped by to see Kingston and SuperTalent. Not much new that hasn’t already been released in the SuperTalent booth, but they were showing off their excellent USB 3.0-based flash drives. Kingston was also showing off products that had already had been released, with the exception of their new USB 3.0 DataTraveler Ultimate flash drives. All of the details regarding the new DT Ultimate drives from Kingston, can be found right here.

Back to work for us. More from IDF, including Day 2 keynote coverage is coming up next.

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animatortom 4 years ago

That Gigabyte board looks pretty cool! If not in a red and black color scheme, then that Titanium look is pretty neat. If their performance stays as good as it is, then I wouldnt mind what color it is! Although if it were pink, I wouldnt be posting Boasting pics on Hot Hardware of the cool new board :P

I am also loving my Kingston SSD!

The rest of the stuff reminds me of many objects in the 90's that quickly became junk-in-a-box:P

inspector 4 years ago

I love the looks of the mini mouse and keyboard :D, looks handy but is it easy to use? i mean the keyboard part mostly.

crowTrobot 4 years ago


Right now I'm about 70% certain I'm building a Sandy Bridge system when it comes out next year.  I just hope they aren't too crazy expensive! lol. I'll probably buy them in the states while I'm down there for CES to save some money on crazy Canadian taxes.

hmmm...four memory slots?  The high end sandy bridge isn't going to be triple channel?

jturnbull65 4 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"]

I love the looks of the mini mouse and keyboard :D, looks handy but is it easy to use? i mean the keyboard part mostly.


If you do a web search for Lenovo Multimedia Remote, you'll see that it has overwhelmingly positive reviews.  While it doesn't have the bells and whistles (i.e. backlit keys) of the DiNovo Mini, Lenovo got right the important parts of a multimedia remote: wireless range, ergonomics, and probably most crucial to its success -- price.  It can regularly be had for ~$30 with various online coupons.

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