ICS Update for Samsung Galaxy Note Rolling Out, Starting in Europe

For some, it probably seems as though that long-awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update will never make it to their devices. Samsung Galaxy Note owners have reason to be optimistic, however, as some users in Europe have received that pop-up notification letting them know that it’s their turn.

The update has appeared in Germany, and Engadget spotted a screengrab from this fellow in the Netherlands; note his jealous ICS-less Swiss acquaintance in the comments.

In addition to the benefits of Android 4.0, Samsung included the Premium Suite of S Pen-optimized apps, including S Note and My Story, and the S Memo Widget.

So take heart, Samsungians--your ICS update is no doubt coming very soon.
ajm531 2 years ago

OMG!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! although the only issue i have is i have an unlocked european verison but im here in the states(won it in a contest) and since i dont have att or tmobile i dont have a sim card to lput in it and apparently samsung kies says my device isnt compatible to upgrade via the kies. sooo i guess ill have to flash it my self or wait for custom roms

rapid1 2 years ago

I just upgraded my Sensation to ICS today (No not the T-Mobile version whenever or wherever it may be live). You could still use it over wifi. I bet you could even grab Google Voice and get a phone number that way. You can grab full ICS from XDA I am sure. My radio is not all that great at least through WIFI making calls. It works but it is somewhat picky, from what I hear there is supposed to be a new T-Mobile radio/rim dropping this week or next.

rapid1 2 years ago

Either way the Note is about perfect from everything I see a quad core processor maybe but to tell ya the truth my Sensation dual core works great from everything I have seen, not to mention I have heard the quad cores are not very utilized at all as of yet and end up using more energy and producing more heat than necessary as well. Either way I love the pen and capabilities the screen size looks just about perfect as well especially in an AMOLED version

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