Hi-Def War Escalation? Blu-ray Site Hacked

"Can't we all just get along?" as that pundit of peace, Rodney King, once said. Friday the official Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) website was hacked, such that users were redirected to the HD-DVD Promotion Group's site, thelookandsoundofperfect.com.

Beginning at around 4pm ET Friday, and continuing intermittently into the afternoon, visitors to the blu-raydisc.com web site were instead sent to the HD DVD camp's lookandsoundofperfect.com web site.

At press time, no one had claimed responsibility for the apparent hack, and there was no official response from either the BDA or the HD DVD Promotions Group.

Now, don't assume anything about this being the work of the HD-DVD camp; most likely it was an HD-DVD fanboy. After all, if it was the HD-DVD camp, you could expect the "look and sound of perfect" to turn into the "look and sound of lawsuit" pretty quickly.

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Roostitup 6 years ago
It's just logical...Blueray is a much better technology with a lot more room to expand. HD-DVD is just for marketing and mass production with the smaller available storage so another larger storage media can be released later on for more profit. HD-DVD is obviously a negative for consumers looking to own media for longer periods without upgrading tech.
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