Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving here in the US, a time of year when we all pause to reflect on how fortunate we all are. Thanksgiving is a great tradition when you stop and think about it. This holiday isn't about rushing around and buying gifts. The day after Thanksgiving certainly has become over-commercialized, but not today--11/24/2011--Thanksgiving Day. Today you have nothing else to do (or at least nothing else that you should be doing) except visiting with family and friends, breaking bread, and enjoying each other’s company in appreciation of all the great things that life brings and has brought you.


On this day of Thanksgiving we'd like extend our sincere appreciation to you our readers and friends here at HotHardware.com. Living in place like the United States, with the many gifts and privileges we're afforded, there are just so many things we can all be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Best Regards,
Team HotHardware

Editor's Note:  And now we bring you Adam Sandler, in this timeless classic... The Thanksgiving Song

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Inspector 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving HotHardware! Enjoy!

Nice song... :P

marco c 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

OptimusPrimeTime 3 years ago

"Happy Thanksgiving to every one, enjoy them turkeys and have a great time with family and friends."

Mike Coyne 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Chainzsaw 3 years ago

Hi all - Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the states :) (and well anyone else that is celebrating Thanksgiving)

Hehe we already had ours last month.

I may not post often here, but I definately check out the articles and like to read everyones comments.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

Turkey Dressing and Cranberry Sauce and Oyster dressing.

AKwyn 3 years ago

Two threads in one day; must be the time of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

omegadraco 3 years ago

Happy thanksgiving fellow geeks :)

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Manduh 3 years ago

I hope all my American friends are having a great Thanksgiving especially Team HotHardware :D

And Marco, save me some of that pumpkin pie EH!! LoL :p

slugbug 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

rapid1 3 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my HH brothers and sisters

gazd1 3 years ago

A bit late now, but I hope that you all had a Happy Thanks giving day & will continue to have a good year till the end.

AKwyn 3 years ago

Well... The day after Thanksgiving was somewhat good; oddly enough spent most of the time in a Best Buy with all the mostly great deals and all I managed to get was a DVD featuring all 3 of the Austin Power movies and a SIM card... I also went down to the local KOHLS, bought a watch and some clothing and that's about it...

The highpoint of the day was that I at least got to help out a fellow person in need looking for a cellphone, other then that; I can't believe I spent 3 or so hours in Best Buy, and most of that time was spent navigating the hecticness of it.

gloriad1 3 years ago

Hopefully you get some better deals and save more money for next Black Friday.

rrplay 3 years ago

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday   !  Stick out tongue  but wait ! there 's more ...

Cyber Monday Starts tomorrow   Surprise

gloriad1 3 years ago

I'd have to agree also that it is a bit late, but I hope you all had a happy Thanks Giving Day and also a happy Black Friday with all your own shopping ideas.

jonation 3 years ago

happy black friday!

CDeeter 3 years ago

I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving! I went home and had a great time with my family and friends. It was great to see all of them, and the food was awesome too. God I love sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

Hope everyone had a great, safe holiday!

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