HTC One X AT&T Smartphone Review

The HTC One X generated quite a buzz when the smartphone was first announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The initial announcement featured information and specifications for two versions of the phone, an international model built around NVIDIA’s quad-plus-one core Tegra 3 SoC (system on a chip) and a U.S. model powered by a dual-core Qualcomm chip. The lack of a quad-core model in the U.S. left some observers feeling a bit flat, but by going with the Qualcomm MSM 8960 HTC was able to support LTE in the U.S. Additionally; the MSM 8960 isn’t like other dual-core SoCs currently on the market. The MSM 8960 features Qualcomm's Krait microarchitecture, with an Adreno 225 graphics engine, and the chip is built using a 28nm manufacturing process. The sum-total of these advancements is a SoC that offers better per-core CPU performance than most other SoCs, with strong graphics performance, and in a lower power-envelope. As you’ll see, the performance of the device is very good...

HTC One X AT&T Smartphone Review

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rapid1 2 years ago

This is an awesome phone the only thing I don't like is the iPhone in it (closed back) with no removable battery or storage key. I love the display but will probably just wait for a minute and see what else drops. I would love something like the Galaxy note I could root, use as a phone, credit card receptacle, e-reader etc as for now my Sensation is still doing well I would just like a slightly larger screen especially for e-reading.

imAcpufan 2 years ago

That a pretty sweet phone for sure. It's unfortunate that there is no expandable storage though. I've been keeping an eye on this phone for a while, but I really like the ability to expand storage capacity. I'm currently still using my HTC Desire (3yr contract), but looking at upgrading this summer. After using only 8GB on the Desire, (I've waited to buy a 32GB micro SD card) I'm definitely looking for at least 32GB of storage to hold all my music on my phone.

SButt 2 years ago

Is it true that US market is getting Quad core version of same mobile whereas European and other markets will have to survive on Dual core only?

ajm531 2 years ago

Im pretty sure you have that backwards. Us gets the dual core model. Europe gets quad core model.

ajm531 2 years ago

The sprint version will have atleast the expandable storage but not the removable battery in it.

neon_bowser 2 years ago

I like HTC. They always have dependable and sturdy phones but I'm still running fine on my Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch til the SIII hits America.

CChester 2 years ago

Removable battery is a deal killer. I do not know why companies cannot get specs correct. How much extra is it to include a removable battery? As for dual to quad core.. NVIDIA, come on! Where is the LTE support?

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