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HH Talks Snow Leopard With TechVi

HH Talks Snow Leopard With TechVi

One of the bigger headlines this week is that Apple has let fly with their latest revision of OSX 10.6 aka Snow Leopard.  Stealing a little limelight from Microsoft's Windows 7 is none too easy we suppose but hey, we're all just PCs inside anyway, when you come to think of it, so can't we all just get along?  Of course we can.  A true Techie knows design elegance when they see it and for sure Snow Leopard is an OS that dazzles with glitz and glitter and delivers with solid utility and speed.  Heck we're even jonesing a little over Quicktime X's screencaster that lets you record your every move with the OS real-time from the comfort of your desktop.  It's the little things that kill as they say.  Nice kitty...

Our friends at TechVi invited us to join them in a discussion of Apple's new OS that will only set you back 30 bones in a Vaynerchuk manner of speaking.  Take a look but not too closely. It was Friday and that's no shave day in the office...

Yeah, and what about that part about the 64-bit OS that boots a 32-bit kernel by default?  We're having a discussion over here, so feel free to chime in.  Though at first glance you may scratch you head in bewilderment, it makes sense to us actually.

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