Google Says It Owns Your Glass And Wants To Trademark The Word

Ok, Google: We see what you’re going for by trying to trademark the word “Glass” and its stylish font. “Google Glass” is a mouthful and is actually a bit of a tongue-twister, like “law blog” or “rural juror”, so using that name as a trademark isn’t ideal. “Glass” just sounds better.

The problem is that the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office is holding things up. A trademark examiner had some issues with Google’s attempt to secure the term “Glass”, including potential confusion with existing trademarked terms in the computing market (“Write on glass”, “Glass3d”, and “Teleglass” were examples) and concern that the term “Glass” is only descriptive of a “feature or material component” of Google’s goods.

Google Glass

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google mounted a defense with a 1,928-page letter that consisted almost entirely of articles about Glass. A salient point that Google is that in this case, “Glass” is not actually descriptive of the materials using in making the tech specs, because Google Glass does not actually contain any glass.

Although we’re sure Google is not finding the humor in this situation, the whole thing is a little bit funny. It sounds like this yet another case of someone just not "getting" Google Glass.
sevags 8 months ago

Glass is too general of a term for them to own. If they want to drop "google" from the name they need to insert something else there.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

Does these google glasses has the same exact lenses like other glasses?

KoltIrons1 8 months ago

i agree sevags, to trademark the word glass seems a bit rediculous. and to me a 1,928 page letter seems like somebody at google isnt taking the patent office very seriously.

HarryGregory 8 months ago

I'm inventing a machine called a widgety computer but that's too hard to say so I'll trademark the word "computer". I smell money coming my way. Seriously will this give Google the right to sue everyone that uses the word glass? If the patent office approves this they are retards!

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

How come everyone gets a plus but me -.- stupid system... Now watch the negative fly

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