Google Play Store Axes 60,000 Low-Quality Apps

Talk about spring cleaning. According to techcrunch, citing “a company in the mobile app industry which has insight into changes like this”, some 60,000 apps were removed from the Google Play store in February. That’s a startling number, considering that the total number of apps in the Google Play store is around 700,000.

Frankly, it’s about time. Say what you will about Apple and its Steve Jobs-esque control-freakishness with the App Store, but the number of crappy apps (or simply, “crapps”) that gets through the army of Apple’s app reviewers is negligible compared to what lands in Android’s premiere app store.

Google Play Store
A fitter, happier Google Play store

It’s worth noting that while Google was likely doing most of the crapp culling, some of those 60,000 apps were no doubt pulled by their own publishers for various reasons.

In any case, it’s likely that this is an effort by Google to fight off spam and malware, of which some of the Google Play store’s wares are comprised. As the company improves on its algorithms for weeding out the muck from the Google Play store--supposedly, Google was already improving on that--it would be nice to see less of it get through the door in the first place.
Via:  techcrunch
RWilliams one year ago

Grumpy Cat: "GOOD".

Seriously. The Play Store is littered with crap apps. 60K is probably pretty modest in the grand scheme.

rapid1 one year ago

True RWilliams I use a few apps but my list is very manageable. I am pretty sure I should go through and prune apps that do the same thing now especially after they have been updated mainly for about a year. Then you pick the one which does the same thing best. I know I use ROM Toolbox Pro way more than I use ROM Manager and it has a good deal more in depth, but I did use manager first so even though they both do mainly the same thing I have them both. I also have 3 or four ROM exploration management apps for rooted apps and functionality beyond ROMS as well.

SDonaldson one year ago

What I'd like to see is some kind of restriction on what permissions an app may ask for. Unless an app absolutely needs to know my phone state, be able to make phone calls, have access to my accounts, etc., then it shouldn't be allowed to require them. So many apps are nothing more than ploys to steal users' information, and most users probably don't even realize all that they are willingly giving away when installing them. I don't want Apple level authoritarianism, but some kind of regulation of this rampant abuse is past due.

OSunday one year ago

This is good news, Google has a little bit more leeway for developers with their open and more flexible requirements but it creates a huge opportunity for scam and spammers as well. The Google Play store has a lot of quality but was filled with a ton of junk too.

It's good to see Google doing a little bit of spring cleaning.

Dave_HH one year ago

I learned a new acronym today, "crapp." Thanks Seth! Good stuff.

realneil one year ago

Good to see Google doing some house cleaning.

Clixxer one year ago

I'm surprised 60k was all they "cleaned up". Good for them thought taking the proactive role in getting rid of useless or malware apps. With their search background you would think this would not even be news that they have it set to just filter 99.9% of that stuff out already.

thunderdan602 one year ago

I wish Amazon would do this. Seems they are rife with Crapps as well.

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