Google Now Bill Reminder Will Let You Know When Payments Are Due

Google Now really wants to be helpful for you. In addition to the various ways Google Now can predict your needs before you know you have them, the little buddy in your Android smartphone will remind you when your bills are due.

The Android Police found code in an APK that points to just such an ability, however basic. By integrating with your Gmail account, Google Now identifies emails about bills and will present you a card with the biller’s name, the amount due, and the date due.

google now bills
Mockup (Credit: Android Police)

You can click to see the email in question, and you can click a “Pay Now” button to take care of the bill right then and there, as long as that particular biller offers integration with Google Now.

google now bills
Mockup (Credit: Android Police)

Android Police also noted that other strings of code in the Google Now APK point to additional features that are coming such as minimum payments, viewing previous balances, seeing the previous month’s bill, and the ability to see other bills.
Super Dave 6 months ago

I wouldn't entrust Google with this info. My BillPay works fine, thank you.

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