Google+ Demand Used to Spread Spam

Hackers are taking advantage of another highly publicized event to push spam on end users. In this case, Google+.

Invitations to the new service are no long available, but even though the new social networking service is in "field test mode" (meaning somewhat imcomplete), an invitation to the service is a hot item. Pharmaceutical spammers have recently begun attempting to spoof invitations to the Google+ social service to get some views of their sites.

Sophos Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley in a Friday blog post,
"The messages look similar to the real emails that users may receive from friends who are already members of Google+. However, clicking on the links will not take you to the new social network, but instead take you to a pharmacy website set up to sell the likes of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The spammers are no doubt hoping that the email will be too hard to resist for many people eager to see Google's new social network, although just how many users will be tempted to buy drugs online is a mystery."
Earlier, Google allowed Google+ participants to invite others into the service (kind of hard to set up your Circles, otherwise). However, with demand characterized as "insane," Google shut that down.

It could be worse. The links could lead an end user to malware instead. And that's something that you should be concerned about. There's no reason to believe that hackers won't start using fake Google+ invites to start planting malware on people's systems.

People are pretty desperate to get a Google+ invite. Watch what you click on.
Via:  Sophos
LBowen 3 years ago

Figured it would not be too long until some tried to scam using Google+. I wonder what the emails look like because if they seem to be written from a close friend a lot of people I know would just click it.

realneil 3 years ago

Not surprising at all. Spammers will use any way they can think of to spread their crap across your screen. It's like crap jam on toast.

acarzt 3 years ago

@ neil

LOL, crap jam on toast? At first that sounded gross... but then I started to picture what the would look like, and I thought of penut butter on toast. And that made me hungry... so now I want some peanut butter on toast... and i'm gonna start calling it crap jam on toast.


realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="acarzt"]i'm gonna start calling it crap jam on toast[/quote]

Please, don't let me effect you in such a twisted way!,..............

AKwyn 3 years ago

Every social service will attract a few spammers here and then.

Not surprising at the least.

Manduh 3 years ago

Haven't gotten one yet lol Hope I can resist the urge to get clickity click happy :P

jonation 3 years ago

again, this should be stated every time anyone ever pays for internet service: browser beware.

inspector 3 years ago

lol surprisingly i been getting scam mail from blizzard or someone masking their email as such. Comes every day too... Facebook, i have been getting from the start. haven't gotten one for google+ YET... :)

omegadraco 3 years ago

I am sure if you use Gmail they have update there spam filters to catch these Stick out tongue

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