Gartner Predicts Enterprise-Class 3D Printers Available For Under $2000 In 3 Years Or Less

From the first time any of us saw a replicator on Star Trek, we’ve been dreaming of the day when we could just dial up whatever we wanted and watch it magically appear in front of us thanks to a powerful machine. We’re obviously a ways off from that reality even with the advent of 3D printing, but according to Gartner, 3D printing capabilities are going to skyrocket in the near future, even as prices drop.

To put a number on it, the research firm believes that enterprise-class 3D printers will be available for a price tag under $2,000 within three years’ time. Still, it’s reasonably affordable even now. “The hype leads many people to think the technology is some years away when it is available now and is affordable to most enterprises,” said Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner, in a statement.

Cubify consumer 3D Printer

The Gartner report further notes that companies would be wise to become early adopters of 3D technology, as they’ll have a distinct advantage over those who don’t put the time in to understand 3D printing’s capabilities, technologies, knowledge of materials, and so on.

Gartner makes an excellent point. The 3D printing market is developing rapidly, with everything from consumer-oriented machines and sites like MakerBot to massive building construction 3D printers. Use cases are limited only the imagination (and, you know, the current level of technology); everyone has seen neat little toys that have been printed in 3D, but other people have found uses for 3D printing in the medical and personal defense fields.

3D printed exskeleton for a little girl

As with every developing technology, costs will inevitably drop while capabilities will increase. Gartner suggests jumping on board the train while it’s still gaining steam.
Via:  Gartner
Dave_HH one year ago

I don't think this is a leap at all. These machines will get better and become commonplace in the near future.

warsoul one year ago

I can't wait for bid home 3d printer with good precision.

Clixxer one year ago

I can't wait for these to be super mainstream. 3D printing is something ive followed alot lately. I sawe something about them being able to have on use aluminim that could be in the consumer price range within a couple years and another one they are developing that using some sort of liquid to make I guess flexible items. I main draw of that one was say if you cut yourself you could make your own bandage or something along those lines. Either way all the innovation is awesome that is coming out with these 3D printers.

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