Forget Your Glasses? There's An App For That

It seems as if there's an iPhone application for everything these days. A new application called iMagnify can even substitute for a pair of eye glasses. Simply put, iMagnify transforms your iPhone into a powerful magnifying glass. With the application, users can enlarge an image from 1x to 4x. The magnification is controlled by a slide on the display, providing pinpoint precision or a broad range.
iMagnify works equally well in dimly lit restaurants or on brightly lighted streets. It is ideal for quickly checking nutrition facts at the grocery store, reading the dosage on a medicine bottle, making certain that your receipt is accurate, glancing at a menu, browsing through the labels on cosmetics, and the hundreds of other common instances when you need to read fine print, but only for a moment. Its appeal also extends to coin collectors, philatelists, and hobbyists of every stripe, who will appreciate the instant access to detail that iMagnify offers.

iMagnify is available in the App Store by visiting Learn more about the app by visiting the application's website,
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gibbersome 5 years ago

Haha, that's pretty cool and surprisingly smooth. But if you don't have your glasses on, how will you be able to locate the app on your Iphone?

kid007 5 years ago

i could take my eye doctor from my insurance. I got an App for that!

Super Dave 5 years ago


ClemSnide 5 years ago

Yes! Now I can use the iPhone! All I would need is another iPhone running this app, so that I could use the second iPhone to read the tiny type on the first iPhone!

realneil 5 years ago

They now have an App for everything,.........sigh!

People will use this and most will like it too.

gibbersome 5 years ago

In all seriousness, this is the advantage you have when you allow user created content for your OS.

3vi1 5 years ago

It's cool, but if it can't be used to burn ants it's useless to me.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

[quote user="3vi1"]

It's cool, but if it can't be used to burn ants it's useless to me.



Oh, we're not bad people are we?Devil

digitaldd 5 years ago

I posted it before I think but I like this one best.

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