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Firefox reaches 400 million downloads

Firefox reaches 400 million downloads

Firefox launched on November 9, 2004. It took one year for Firefox to reach 100 million downloads. One further year and it doubled to 200 million. One more year and it's doubled again to 400 million downloads.
Today, you all have done it once again. With your amazing efforts, Firefox has reached 400 million downloads and demonstrated that not even the world’s most powerful companies can keep people from a better, safer, and faster Web experience. You all, the grass roots and the heart of the Firefox movement, have helped hundreds of millions of people find that better, safer, and faster Web.
We use it and love it.  It's our browser of choice.  We just hope Mozilla keeps it quick and efficient and avoids bloating it like some other browsers we know.
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just because there's 400 million downloads, doesn't mean there's that many people using it, and it doesn't mean the people that did, continued to do so, as said in an earlier post by hothardware, not everyone continues to use firefox, this program has so many memory leaks it sickens me, give me a browser that doesn't hit above 20mb memory usage and i'll be happy, until then i'll stick with anything but firefox

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