Falcon Northwest Promises "Godlike Power" in a Micro Tower with Tiki

Could you imagine Zeus sitting atop Mount Olympus plugging away on a MacBook Air (as if!) or a bulk OEM machine loaded with trialware? Pffft. That's absurd, but the concept of packing "godlike power" into a diminutive micro tower form factor isn't, at least not as far as Falcon Northwest is concerned. The boutique builder just unveiled its new Tiki system, which it claims is the "world's most powerful micro tower" PC.

Just how powerful will depend on your budget. Pricing starts at a relatively modest $1,826.97, which gets you the Tiki chassis with a granite base (seriously), Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe, Intel Core i5 3450 processor clocked at 3.1GHz, liquid cooling, 8GB of DDR3-1866 memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card, 450W power supply, 2TB hard drive, slot-load DVD writer, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

If you want to spend more, the Tiki is configurable with up to an overclocked Core i7 3770K processor, 16GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 680 graphics card, up to three hard drives or solid state drives, Blu-ray reader, and other odds and ends. All that in a system that measures just 13 inches high and 4 inches wide.
LBowen 2 years ago

Pretty sweet looking system and I got a good laugh off the glass of wine and "Godlike" reference.

RMcCord 2 years ago

I love this Falcon Northwest Tiki. I have been in the market for a long time looking at all sff cases for a gaming system. I live in Colombia so I need to go to the Usa, buy the computer and bring it back on the Airplane. I have done this twice with Alienware laptops which are well made, and expensive. The problem is that I have them hooked up to a 30 inch monitor and gaming keyboard anyways so what I really need is a desktop but small like my alienware laptop. Enter the Tiki!!! It is the only high quality sff desktop out there. Build your own??? Show me a case well thought out like the Tiki and as small to fit in a backpack that can handle liquid cooling, and a gtx 680 with beautiful construction and wiring and planned out like Falcon Northwest did? Wow you can find a sff factor built by Ava or someone else for 400 or 500 less. Lets see I am on my computer like 8 hours a day, I plan to keep it for 3 years. Do you think saving a few hundred bucs to buy something less well built, and not as good looking or performing is a bigdeal? Some of us can afford to by the best, do people not buy porsches because they can buy a volkswagon cheaper? The only other small desktop out there similar is the Alienware X51 and as a Dell Customer who owns 2 alienware and one dell laptop and a 30 inch monitor believe me I checked this out first. Basically it is cheap junk, plastic, only runs middling hardware so this Tiki is the first computer that may steal me away from Dell/Alienware. I just dropped 4k on my Alienware M18x with 2 gtx 580m video cards in sli and a 500gb ssd so I am waiting till this Dec or next year to buy a Tiki with windows 8, gtx 680 and a few reviews from users and time for any bugs to get worked out. Then I will give the Alienware to Girlfriend ( She has been using my m17x which is 2.5 years old now with no problems). Now as far as the Granite. This is brilliant. However I reserve brilliant only for the black color the grey ruins the tough, sophisticated look. The Tiki will sit next to my Dell 30 inch ultrasharp monitor taking up no space, adding to the look of my desktop rather then detracting. It will not have drive spaces I dont use, ugly lights or tacky plastic like a Coolermaster or other hulking Desktop, It will be portable and as powerful as 98% of users will need for next 3 years. I absolutely love it and can't even think of a negative, I may even visit Falcon Northwest to see how they operate and drive up from So cal when I am ready to buy. I love that they invented this where all the other companies just take off the shelf cases and brand it. Oh also forgot no ugly optic drive on the front that I wont use anyways. I did just check out the Fortress mini from Silverstone, it is a fail also because the sides can literally fall off, just friction attached and your cords come out the top like a Medusa so its a fail in my decision process. Oh and I am not a Falcon Northwest fanboy. I think their laptops are overpriced and not as good as my Alienware, and the other desktops are just plane jane and overpriced. I am a huge fanboy of the Tiki and I think the only thing I would of changed is the name. I give the Tiki a 6 out of 10 for the name but I think some sort've of superhero type of name or more powerful name would of been even better. Also I am going to get the White Lite along with the Black Base. I can't wait.

Thank you Falcon Northwest for bringing a high Quality, High End sff factor gaming system that is well thought out, durable and beautiful just like my Alienware Laptop I am awaiting user reviews and trust they will go fine before I send you the cash!!

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