Facebook Gives Pages A Facelift

If your company has any sort of web presence, you’re on Facebook, and the company is rolling out changes to its official Pages that are designed to simultaneously make it easier for consumers to find the info they’re looking for and make Page management easier for businesses.

The new look features all your Page’s posts just on the right side of the screen, instead of that two-column look that has your eyes darting back and forth down the page. The left side of the window has all your business’s information, such as hours, contact info, “about” blurb, and images and video.

Facebook Pages

As the Page administrator, you can see your insights from top-of-the-page navigation; this is also where you can see page activity and adjust settings, and it serves as a sort of messaging center where your notifications and any direct messages are available.

Facebook said it will begin pushing out the updated look this week.
Via:  Facebook
Dave_HH 9 months ago

Interesting... looks a little G+-like to me.

garwynn 9 months ago

Agreed.  Not sure that's a good/bad thing because while I like the G+ layout at times it can also be very easily cluttered with many small posts... especially if you're doing the 3 column wide view.  (Obviously doesn't apply to mobile)

DEnzoNoz 9 months ago

Thats Awesome n Generous of FB'...and for us subcribers its a great opportunity to expand even in our bizz marketing...THANK U SO MUCH!

Vietcloud 9 months ago

That's some pretty good looking streamlining


StevenDuckDuckPurnell 9 months ago

wow have they decided to kill off the side by side timeline where nothing can be found?  yayy bout time.  Starting to look like Pages as they were before the last 2 changes Facebook has made :)

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