ESPN To Stream On Xbox 360--A Sign Of Things To Come?

The landscape of television is changing right in front of our eyes. Never before have we had so many content options and ways to consume that content, and it looks like the big media companies aren't shying away from the revolution.

ESPN, which has already announced plans to introduce a 3D sports channel within the next year or so, could very well be making a serious play for online viewers. According to rumors in the New York Times, ESPN could "provide live streams of sporting events, similar to the ones available through ESPN 360, a service that is available from some high-speed Internet providers." Did we mention that it would be providing that via Xbox Live?

Microsoft's console has been web-savvy for awhile now, as it was the first of the major consoles to support Netflix streaming, and the Xbox Live Video Store enables users to watch all sorts of video from within the UI. There's also the chance that Microsoft could create interactive games in a partnership with ESPN, but there's no sign of when the deal--if it's even real--will be unveiled to the public.

Despite the inconclusive nature, this all makes perfect sense. With more and more viewers shifting their TV viewing time to the Internet, ESPN would be helping itself out by being one of the pioneer networks to make a deliberate shift to offering content online. If the deal goes through, Xbox Live users would likely have to pay a fee to access to content, but if that means that they can rid themselves of a monthly cable bill that they pay primarily to get EPSN, the savings could be significant. Anyone think this is just a sign of things to come?
gibbersome 4 years ago

From what I understand, this would become some sort of ON Demand option for sports lovers. In that regard, I think it can very well catch on.

Again, this is nothing your PC can't already do as long as you have it hooked up to your TV.

rapid1 4 years ago

ESPN is also supposed to bbe one of the first if not the first on the 3D bandwagon. I already have the NFL Redzone for 4.99, it shows all games on Sunday and focuses on who is making a scoring or attempted scoring drive. The thing I like about it is it flips from game to game and keeps you updated on all scores. This is not as useful during the playoffs when there is only a few games in a day, but during regular season when the greater number of teams are playing all over in one day it is great.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Wow, that's really cool. ESPN has done a lot to make sports relevant again. It could be the end of the world tomorrow and the top headlines on ESPN would be if Brett Favre is retiring at the end of the season.

They were one of the first to adopt HD broadcast as well, right? I'm curious to see how games will look on a 3d TV and if it will be worth it.

3vi1 4 years ago

I wish they would make ESPN 360 "pay for access" too. Then, I wouldn't be subsidizing something I never watch just because my ISP bought into it.

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

[quote user="3vi1"]

I wish they would make ESPN 360 "pay for access" too. Then, I wouldn't be subsidizing something I never watch just because my ISP bought into it.


If I recall correctly, it may be like that...I just threw out the paper, but in yesterdays NYT they had an article on this and xbox 360.  This would be a very nice feature, if the price was reasonable.

bighorse 4 years ago

Eventually the 360, PS3, Wii, and PCs are gonna be our cable boxes. The price of cable always on the rise is sure sign that these other sources are taking over. It will be nice to have all my entertainment wrapped up in one sweet box.

gibbersome 4 years ago

I remember when the PS3 first got released, the cost of a Blu-Ray player was so high that many people were simply buying the PS3 instead. Now your entertainment system can connect you to Netflix, News, Weather and recently, TV.

This is actually a mutually beneficial relationship. ESPN gets access to all the homes that already own a console and can directly deliver content via transaction without having to go through cable providers such as Time Warner, Comcast, etc. If this trend continues and other network hop on board, this will give the consumer the freedom to abandon their cable provider and only purchase the channels they want.

cata12 4 years ago

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