EA Offers Free Titanfall Trial -- No Constraints, No Feature Reductions

If you're bored this weekend with a fast Internet connection and some time to kill, EA is offering a free download of Titanfall to everyone, no questions asked, for the next two days. The game is the full version -- you won't have any feature restrictions or locked-off areas. While it's being billed as a weekend offer, that's not the case -- EA has said that you've got 48 hours to play the game from when you first launch it, not just over the next two days.

That's a particularly nice offer given that the game weighs in somewhere north of 50GB, with the overwhelming majority of that being uncompressed PCM files. Exactly why Titanfall feels the need to double or triple its install base through massive audio data was never really addressed at any point, but hey -- it'll give you an opportunity to be productive this weekend while downloading the game.

This offer is good for PC users only but is open to anyone whose system can handle the game. This program is part of EA's new Origin Game Time service -- once you start the game for the first time, the 48 hour clock starts counting down in real-time -- meaning you get 48 hours of real-time to play the game, not 48 hours of play . If you like the game and want to buy it, you can do so -- your progress will be saved when the trial ends and you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

Titanfall has become one of the biggest hits of the early console cycle, it led sales charts in March and April before being kicked a few rungs down the ladder by Mario Kart 8. EA and Microsoft have been almost completely silent on sales -- a curious omission for a title this popular. We know the game moved a million copies in the three weeks after launch, but no formal figures have been released since. Whether this represents a disappointing overall debut or is just EA and Microsoft wanting to stay mum on Xbox One results isn't clear. 
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MiroslawRybinski 5 months ago

My 550 Ti is ready!

JentoPieters 5 months ago

It's a 50GB download for 48h wtf

basroil 5 months ago

No, the actual download is about 10GB, and uncompresses to 50GB. Downloaded it in about 2 hours while watching youtube tutorials on titanfall

ShawnWilder 5 months ago

I can only imagine how bogged down their download servers will be, so I supposed I could attempt to download the 48gb and hope I have a few hours to play before the trial ends. ;)

MiroslawRybinski 5 months ago

Trial begins when you first step into game play.

MiroslawRybinski 5 months ago

48 hours doesn't kick in until you get onto the battlefield.

Mitko 5 months ago

Give it free forever !!!

JentoPieters 5 months ago

wait so you're saying i get to play to game for 48hours straight? Isn't it until sunday or so?

KaranMenon 5 months ago

You only have this weekend to download it, you don't have to play it this weekend. Play it whenever you have 48 hours to game.

ShannonDianneDaves 5 months ago

We'll see if they really mean it when they say 2 days after you first launch the game. Last trials and beta test I was able to get in on took 4 days to download and log in....missing the window. I won't buy those games due to that very fact.

SurajSubramanian 5 months ago

same here

DennisWilliams 5 months ago

50 gb? That is insane i need a ton more memory to be able to play that lol. Not to mention this laptop i have could barely run the sims i don't think titanfall is really an option for me haha.

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