EA Access For Xbox One Cost $5 Per Month, Offers Unlimited Access To BF4, Madden NFL 25, And More

Microsoft is digging deep in its bags of tricks to convince gamers that its Xbox One console is the better option versus Sony's PlayStation 4, the latter of which is maintaining a somewhat large sales lead. Following the launch of a Kinect-less console for a reduced $399 price tag, Microsoft has joined forces with Electronic Arts to offer a rather nifty gaming service.

It's called EA Access and it runs $5 per month. Alternately, you can pay $30 for an annual membership and save 50 percent. Either way, you'll enjoy unlimited access to "The Vault," inside of which is a collection of four EA games. They include FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4.

EA Access Games

That comes out to over $100 worth of games, and EA promises it will be adding more soon. As for the four available to play now, you can access them with a click of a button. The caveat? The service is only being offer in beta to a limited number of players today, however EA says it will launch for everyone on the Xbox One soon.

There are other benefits to having an EA Access membership as well, such as saving 10 percent on purchases of EA digital content for the Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store. You can also play trials of new EA titles up to five days before the release date.
JasonBolla 5 months ago

It's cool, and if they manage to get more titles in it, it'll definitely be worth the price of admission. If you are an annual Madden buyer though, this will probably rid you of the need to buy another entry. Question is, do people confuse this program with Early Access?

AGorski 5 months ago

I'll stick to PC.

thabusdriv3r 5 months ago

Now does this include the season passes for the games, the extra download/digital content. If so, this is a great way to play Battlefield 4. Not sure what the season passes give you for the other sports titles, but if it was included, this is a great move on EA's part. I sure hope other publishers start doing this with this "Access" feature, I'm talking to you Trion, Steam, Blizzard, or any other publisher who uses those damn launchers for their collective titles.

infinityzen1 5 months ago

I don't think it will give you the extra download/digital content for free ThaBusDriv3r. There is a 10% discount mentioned for purchases of EA digital content.

Rosec14 5 months ago

...There's a peggle 2?....O.o I might actually have to get an Xbox One. :D

nfs3freak 5 months ago

This seems great for people who haven't gotten any of these games. Seems kind'a not a great deal for those who already have those games (and it doesn't include the dlc/season passes).

EA should just make it EA Sports pass. Those who play sports games would eat this up.

DennisWilliams 5 months ago

Awesome for sports game. Honestly just having madden and Fifa in there make it more than worth it. If you buy those 2 every year that's $120. However this is saying for $30 a year you can get both. Very nice deal it seems like.

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